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New FF Sci Fi Film Kickstarter

We have a cool Kickstarter thing today from Samuel Gorman… a student who is putting together an FF sci fi film:

Kam and Abbie

“Of your favorite science fiction films, how many can you say featured a queer protagonist? How about a queer woman of color? Probably none. I’m working to change that. My name is Sam Gorman, and I’ve been making short films for years. I’m currently crowdfunding my latest, Kam and Abbie’s New Years Adventure. Here’s the link, check it out:

I figured this project would be very interesting to the QSF community. I think we can all agree that we need more representation in film. Unfortunately, making movies isn’t cheap, especially when you need to buy prosthetics to create convincing aliens. That’s where you come in. With your help, we can reach our goal and bring this film to life.

The film follows a young nerd named Kam and her alcoholic girlfriend, Abbie, on the last night of the year. Right when Kam is about to confront Abbie on her negligence in their relationship, they discover a trio of aliens. These creatures have an insatiable lust for one thing and one thing only: partying. Abbie has a blast dancing, drinking, and smoking weed in slow motion with the creatures, but Kam knows that something isn’t right. It’s up to her to get to the bottom of this if she wants to live to see the new year.

At its core, the film is a relationship drama. It uses science fiction elements to explore the nature of couples and the importance of conflict within relationships. It’s a universally accessible story for everyone, it just happens to have aliens and gays. Because it prominently features queer characters, it will get a lot of plays at LGBTQ film festivals around the country and be seen by thousands!

This film is going to be a lot of fun. I’m putting a lot of myself to this project and maybe the folks like me here at QSF will find themselves in it too. If you’re interested in the project, please take a look and consider donating.


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