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How Do Vampires Get it On?

Gay VampireToday’s subject comes courtesy of QSF member Theo Fenraven: “How is it male vamps can get erections when they are short of blood?”

I’ll broaden this out a bit (pun intended). With many supernatural creatures, we have to suspend disbelief a bit. This is especially true of vampires – as Theo says, if they have no blood, how do they get it up for sex?

Can femail vampires get pregnant? Can male vampires make a non vampire woman pregnant?

And garlic? Seriously?

So my question today – how do vampires get it on? And what other things do vampires do in film and novels that strike you as odd or unlikely? Go crazy.


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1 thought on “How Do Vampires Get it On?”

  1. While Anne Barwell and I were working out the details of our urban fantasy series, The Sleepless City we took a different direction with our vampires. My first book in the series was Electric Candle and I go into vamp physiology a bit.

    In our universe vampires all begin as humans but are altered by a contagion vamps can pass on at certain times.

    One of the thing I don’t like in a lot of vampire films and novels is the inconsistency in how their bodies work. They are undead, yet breathe, have no blood, but have sex. The whole eating blood thing is what makes the least sense to me since blood is designed by nature to not be a food source. We wanted to find different ways and explanations for what vampires and can do.


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