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Alex Comes Out as Lesbian on Supergirl

Chyler Leigh

Look! Up on the TV! It’s a straight-appearing woman who’s high femme! It’s the human closest to Kara Zor-El of Krypton! It’s… Supergirl’s lesbian sister!

Yes, Alex Danvers, played by Chyler Leigh, revealed on Monday’s episode of Supergirl on the CW Network that her adopted sister Kara isn’t the only one with a secret identity. She came out in the episode, “Crossfire.”

Executive producer Jeffrey Kreisberg told the Hollywood Reporter their goal is to tell Alex’s story in a “respectful, educational, entertaining and thoughtful” way, surrounded by supportive family and friends.

By Dawn Ennis – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation


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1 thought on “Alex Comes Out as Lesbian on Supergirl”

  1. Not had that episode over here yet, but I did wonder after watching this weeks episode (we are a couple of weeks behind) whether that might be on the cards when she went to a bar with a woman while they were on a case and the woman (whose name I forget) referred to one of the women in the bar as an ex. I don’t need to see spoilers to see they are going to set the two of them up, even if it is a massive conflict of interest work-wise.


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