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Angel’s Bits – It’s Been a Tough Week


Well. This has just been a dreadful year and the past week wasn’t any improvement. Usually, I’d write a Friday thing about some aspect of publishing or marketing. It just doesn’t seem appropriate. Everyone I know is angry or frightened or depressed. Or all three.

So. Let’s talk about what to do. The best way to combat the evil out there is to get involved, right? But how do we get involved?

Donate. This is both the easiest way to get involved if you have the funds and the hardest if you don’t. Of course, it’s not always about money – youth shelters often need items, for instance. The ACLU. LGBTQ centers. Crisis hotlines. All of the places that help us as a community.

Volunteer. Looks for opportunities in your own community. LGBTQ groups, again shelters and centers, reading programs. Does Planned Parenthood need escorts? Does the food bank need help?

Intervene. I don’t advocate putting yourself at risk physically, but don’t just let hateful speech and bullying happen beside you. Let them know we see them. Let them know that people don’t approve and condone their actions. Insinuate yourself between the victim and the harasser if you can. Engage the victim in conversation. Make a safe space.

Get involved politically. Write. Email. Watch what congress is doing. Read. Know what sort of nonsense is going on both in DC and locally.

I wish I had real superpowers, the kind that could make this all go away. Alone, I don’t. Together? Yeah, we kinda do.

Give me your suggestions, your stories, your links, your requests – what are you doing?


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