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Angel’s Bits – The Pod People

podcast_logoIt’s quite possible that I was the last person on the Intertubes to understand what a podcast is. Tech and I have an uneasy relationship and anything new sends me backing away and snarling. But podcasts are simply an old friend in a new medium – prerecorded radio shows on the digital highway.

Once I figured this out, I sent the luddite in me packing and downloaded an app. Wonderful thing – since know I can see the podcasts I like in one place. The one that convinced me that podcasts were not another evil plot by Skynet was Welcome to Nightvale. I don’t listen as often as I used to, but this is an amazing show, full of dark, snarky humor and incredibly weird flights of fancy. All the things that make life worth living.

There are a couple I listen to sporadically, as I have time, like Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Galactic Suburbia (cause Aussie accents) but the one I try to listen to weekly is WROTE (Written on the Edge) the brain child of SA (Baz) Collins, Jayne Lockwood and Vance Bastian, a weekly discussion with authors of LGBTQ fiction. (I’ve been lucky enough to guest host a couple of times, true, but I love to listen to the discussions and all the different authors they attract.)

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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