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Angel’s Bits – the Queer Sci Fi Website Tour


Hi all! I was joking with Scott the other night that we should do a tour of the site, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The QSF site has so many cool features for both readers and writers. Let’s go take a look, shall we?

  • Home Page – houses the blog where we post all the articles, announcements, reviews and so on.

In the upper left, you’ll find a pull down menu, and here’s where all the rest of the fun stuff is. :)

  • About – Which you know. You’re here. Though there is a brief intro for your admins and your official QSF reviewer, BA Brock. You’ll also see a “Link to QSF” where you can grab the code for your site to link back to us
  • Join – Free ebook: This takes you to the sign up for the newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, a whole bunch of our QSF authors have donated books to be given away with sign up. The book changes every couple of weeks. :)
  • Social – Kinda what it sounds like. Links to social media and all the QSF sub groups. Did you know we have a writers’ group for writers to ask each other questions? And a critique group?
  • People – This is our database for various services for writers. Most of these are new and growing, so if you have a reputable, recommended person or company to add to the lists, let us know! We have pages for: Authors, Blog Tours, Cover Designers, Editors and Reviewers.
  • Knowledge Base – A catch all for all that stuff writers might want to know. We have Calls for Submission for queer spec fic. Experts – fields of study and topics in which our QSF’ers have expertise and/or real life experience. LGBT Friendly Cons – this comes up a lot. So we made a database of all the cons we know of/ have heard about that are LGBT specific or welcoming. Queer Scifi Publishers – not SF specific, of course. These are pubs who take all sorts of queer fic submissions. And finally the Rafflecopter How To, which I didn’t know Scott had moved here. Hey, look at that!
  • Merch – Queer Sci Fi merchandise! Yes. That’s a thing. Queer Sci Fi logos old and new, from our own designs and art contest winners, available in t-shirts, tote bags, and so on. Get your QSF on. :)
  • Flash Contest – previous entries and winners from the last two years. Also where you’ll find info for this year’s Flash Fiction Contest as we get closer to submission time.
  • Free Reads – self explanatory :) Aaaaannnnd –
  • Interviews – transcripts of special event interviews conducted on the QSF FB page.

That’s a lot of stuff. We try to keep up as best we can, but let us know if you see something that’s missing!


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