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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Dragon’s Forbidden Omega, by Connor Crowe

The Dragon's Forbidden Omega

QSFer Connor Crowe has a new MM paranormal book out in the Darkvale Dragons series:

“If loving him is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

An Adorkable Omega…

Ansel Anderson was only a teenager when his parents died in battle. In the years since, he’s spent every waking moment studying magitech and hiding away from the world. After four years abroad, he’s no longer the boy he once was. He’s back home, ready to make his mark, and a mysterious voice insists that his mentor is also his mate.

A Thrill-Seeking Alpha…

Tork Davenport shoots first and asks questions later. But when his best friend dies in battle and leaves an orphaned son behind, he fulfills the dying man’s request to take care of him. When Ansel returns to Darkvale, however, Tork begins to see him in a way he never has before–not just as a boy, but a man. Too bad such a mating is forbidden. As a terrifying new revelation shakes Darkvale to its core, can these two men find solace in one another?

Can they harness their forbidden feelings and save Darkvale once and for all?

The Dragon’s Forbidden Omega is the third and final book in the Darkvale Dragons series. Each book follows a different couple but should be read in order for maximum enjoyment. This book contains mpreg, knotting, giant robots, masquerade balls, and an age gap relationship between a disgruntled mentor and his protégé. Don’t miss the explosive finale of the Darkvale Dragons trilogy–scroll up and click ‘buy now’ today.

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Author Bio

Connor Crowe grew up reading stories about dragons, magic, and adventure. He often liked to imagine himself as a character in those stories, and as he grew older he began to write some of them down. He couldn’t just write any old fantasy, though. As a die-hard romantic, he tells stories of men finding true love amidst adversity.

When you read a Connor Crowe book, you know you’re getting action-packed fantasy mpreg that will make your heart race in more ways than one ;)


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