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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Monster’s Kindness, by Jessica meats

QSFer Jessica Meats has a new MM Gay/Bi romance out: “A Monster’s Kindness.”

Long ago, the village of Shrind sacrificed people to the monsters in the forest. Now the howling has started again, and a village elder has chosen Parton to be the next sacrifice. 

Left to die for having shared a kiss with the elder’s son, Parton receives more compassion from the supposed monster than from those who had been his friends and neighbours. In the heart of the woods, learning to accept himself may be a harder lesson than learning to accept the monster.

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Author Bio

I’m Jessica Meats, also known as Jess. I’m biromantic asexual. In my day job, I work as an IT consultant, helping companies implement various types of collaboration software. That’s what keeps the lights on and a roof over my head, but I also write science fiction and fantasy novels. I also very much enjoy hands-on crafts so I do a lot of sewing, beadwork, and things like that. 


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