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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Quantum Uncertainty, by C.A. Farlow

A Quantum Uncertainty

QSFer C.A. Farlow has a new FF sci fi book out:

A Quantum Uncertainty continues the adventures of Lauren and Alex. Alex struggles to roundup all the members of Hebridean conspiracy and isolate its leaders. Lauren prepares to become Bhean chéile agus comh-rialóir Fuar Ćala – Consort and co-ruler

But she is still plagued by nightmares since her healing and feelings of abandoning her friends in her universe continue. Their soulmate bond continues to grow as do the parallels to the Doouglas and Fraser’s relationship.

Alex knows that a true partner-relationship requires each to contribute, sacrifice, grow, listen, and try to understand the other. She is willing to allow Lauren to do and go wherever she needs to heal, as long as she is by Lauren’s side.

Nexus Trilogy Book Two

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C.A. is giving away two eBook copies of the first book in the series, A Quantum Convergence – for a chance to win one, comment on this post below.


CHILDREN’S LAUGHTER ROSE ON the early spring breeze and drifted through the clerestory windows of the western solar. The solar’s occupants looked up from their analyzers and smiled at each other. The laughter was a sound so new to the Keep it gave everyone pause.

“That is all due to you, Dearheart. Thank you for returning the children to us.” The strong emotions behind Alex’s words flowed along their bond, warming Lauren’s heart.

“A team effort, Dearest.” Lauren saw Alex’s blue eyes fill with pride. “I couldn’t have done it without Newkirk and the healing technicians. Not to mention, all the help the water techs provided.”

“But you must not discredit your efforts.” Alex stated, wagging a long finger at her. “Without your experience and intelligence, we would not have a cure. And using your DNA as a comparator was the stroke of genius that made it all possible.”

Blushing to the roots of her auburn hair, Lauren admonished, “Enough already! I didn’t do anything another physician wouldn’t have. It’s bad enough I can’t walk across the boulevard without being stopped every ten meters by someone who wishes to say thanks or give me a gift. I’m not a savior. I’m just, well, just me.”

“Well, just me, I cannot thank you enough or be any more amazed.”

Lauren tried to turn the conversation. “Alex, we really do need to do something about those gifts. My solar is filled to the point of exploding. Can’t we redistribute the gifts or find a way to give them back?”

“I will take them. I know there is some good food there. That jerky from Lord McLaran was quite tasty.” Ice lay sprawled on one of the two leather sofas before a crackling fire.

Turning toward the large, snowy-white wolf, Lauren mentally growled at her, “Ice, you gotta stop eating all the time. You’re getting fat.”

“I am not fat. I am fluffy. I had a bath this morning and my fur is not completely dry. It is always fluffy after a bath.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Ice, and maybe you’ll believe it. But pretty soon you won’t be able to fit through a door.” Lauren laughed at the pout forming on the wolf’s face, while her ice-blue eyes danced with humor.

“She is correct, Ice. You have put on a few kilos. You need to get out for a run. Go catch your food instead of eating what the kitchens provide,” Alex chastised the wolf. “Snow would love to have a late- night hunt with you.”

“Why should I exert myself when I am still healing? Besides, the kitchen staff sends up the best treats.”

A livid scar ran from the wolf’s shoulder, across her side, down to her hip. It stood out as a pale- reddish slash against the snow-white fur beginning to grow in around it.

“Ice, you’re fine. Your wounds are healing well. Stop being a baby and get outta here. Snow’s down in the stables with Ffrwyn. They’re getting ready to have a run in the meadow.”

“My side still pains me. I cannot take a deep breath, and running pulls on the muscles.”

Lauren threw her arms up in exasperation and spoke aloud. “You’re the biggest baby I’ve ever treated. Even Alex was a better patient than you are.”

“What? I am a terrific patient.” Alex’s voice sliced through their mental conversation and her indignant pout matched Ice’s.

“Really, Alex, you wanna go there?” Alex hung her head and looked up at Lauren through her ebony bangs. “I didn’t think so.” Lauren’s sarcasm thickened as she turned back to the wolf lounging on the sofa. “Ice, go on. Get out before I throw you out a window. You won’t feel better until you start moving and break up some of your scar tissue. As your physician, I can tell you there isn’t anything you can hurt with a little exercise. And you’ll feel better having a run. Plus, we need to clean the sofa. I can’t believe how much you’re shedding.”

A wolfy snort accompanied Ice’s rise from the sofa. She stretched like a giant house cat, and padded over to Lauren’s desk. “Fine, I will go down to the stables, but I am not healed. It still hurts, and for your information, I do not shed.” She snarled, exposing her canine teeth. “You shaved all my fur off, so I cannot be blamed if it is still coming out.”

“You do shed. Your fur’s all over the solar.” Lauren gestured around the room where most of the furniture sported a fine white furry coating. “You may feel some pain but you’ll feel better being outside in the sun, getting some exercise. Quit being such a whiner and get outta here!”

Lauren ran her hand down Ice’s side, as the wolf leaned heavily against her chair. The scar and surrounding tissue were warm to the touch, a sure sign the tissue was still healing. But as Lauren applied gentle pressure to the area, Ice didn’t shy away or seem to be in discomfort so the underlying musculature was healed, if a bit atrophied. Ice was lucky Oswein’s blade hadn’t penetrated her abdomen and damaged any internal organs. Lauren shivered with the memories of that horrible day in the Council meeting. Everything seemed to have happened so fast, Snow defending Alex and being attacked with a psi-blast. Ice bursting into the room to defend Snow, and Oswein striking her down. She shook her head to clear the memories. So much blood. Lauren absently rubbed her chest, pain shooting down her arm from Gwenhwyfach’s blaster injury.

“Snow will be glad to see you. I will let McLaran know where you are going. Maybe he would join you as well.” Alex tapped her communicator and placed her call.

“I am going. Tell the young McLaran to bring some of his father’s jerky with him.” A wolfy laugh trailed Ice down the stairs and out of Alex’s solar.

“Lauren, you should take your own advice and get outside. It is a beautiful day. We could go and see how the preparations are coming for the Investiture.” Alex rubbed her hands together in childlike glee.

Author Bio

Hi – my name is Peet and I am one of the Three Whisketeers.  My Mom – Choate – asked me to introduce her.  You may know us as Peet (aka Peet Den on facebook) or Peetsden (at live journal).  We are avid readers of fanfiction – I like J7 but my Mom is really focused on Mirandy.  She is a beta-reader for a number of wonderful authors and a member of a multitude of ff communities.

Having read and edited and enjoyed all those amazing stories, she decided to dip her toe into the author pool and write her own original story.  She’s writing a science-fiction trilogy and is now a member of the Desert Palm Press family!  Starbuck, Aonie and I are really excited about it.  There are some really great furkids in her new book.

My Mom is a scientist by vocation and avocation but she hasn’t limited her life to science.  Right now she is totally focused on road cycling (much to the amusement of my siblings and I).  Why anyone would sit on a stationary trainer and ride hundreds of miles in their living room is beyond us?! 

We live in the Rocky Mountains and love watching the wildlife outside our windows, reading about scientific discoveries, photography, trekking and road trips, and cooking.  Mom says I’m not that big a help in the kitchen.  Watch for her debut novel A Quantum Convergence, book one of the Nexus Trilogy, coming in 2016.

Peet, Aonie and Starbuck – the Three Whiskteers

 Contact info: [email protected] ; Facebook


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