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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Reunited Sword, by W.M. Kirkland

A Reunited Sword

QSFer W.M. Kirkland has a new MM Time Travel book out:

Greg restores ancient weapons. When the ancient Roman gladius he’s storing brings him Lucius the gladiator, he’s intrigued. A backyard barbecue at Ezra’s house with his friend Gabriel, and both men’s lovers, Marius and Titus reveals that Lucius isn’t the first gladiator to come through time, and he won’t be the last. Except Lucius believes Greg is the embodiment of his lover Gregor, who was killed by Roman Soldiers, and Greg isn’t certain how feels about being a gladiator’s lost love.

Lucius prayed to Janus just like Marius and Titus before him. His heart broken from the death of Gregor, he just wants freedom–a new life. Surely Janus will take him away, too. When he finds himself in Greg’s home, and discovers the man has his gladius, he knows the gods had their hands in this, for Greg looks exactly like Gregor, the man he loved and lost. He won’t lose his lover again, even if it means learning to live in this strange time and place.

Gladiators Through Time Book 3. Series page:

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Lucius stared at the card on the table, not knowing how he could read it. The letters were familiar, yet they were in unfamiliar configurations. The light of the full moon outside the clear glass windows—he’d never seen glass so fine—illuminated the Roman swords lying on the workbench, some in states of polish and repair. His sword, his gladius, lay among them, and he stroked the cool metal, certain that it hummed beneath his fingers. By Jupiter’s cock, he’d never seen such a place where the fabrics were so fine and everything was so…foreign.

He’d prayed. The last thing he remembered was sitting with Marius and Titus, while the rest of their cohort were in the arena fighting, and discussing praying to Janus. Lucius had been a free man once, dutiful enlisted in the Roman Military. A chance encounter with a northern barbarian, a fight, and then a desertion led him to the arena. Even now, his heart tightened at the thought of Gregor, the young barbarian man who had nursed his wounds and healed his heart. Roman soldiers killed him for defiling one of their own, and Lucius bit his lip to keep from crying like a boy at the thought.

He didn’t want to sit. He hadn’t bathed, his loin cloth dirty. Air moved from somewhere above him, cool, and refreshing on his heated skin. He shivered. He swore a likeness of Marius and Titus, along with two other men, all dressed in unfamiliar clothing sat on the table, pushed to one side with small bottles, and shakers of what he believed to be seasonings. Large metal boxes filled the space and he wondered if they might prepare food in this area. When he opened the largest, strange and wondrous things greeted him, though he recognized carrots and wrapped parcels he thought might be meat.

“Janus, where did you send me? And could Marius and Titus be here?” He missed his friends, for he truly had very few he could call friend in the cohort. Marius and Titus understood his plight, had told him stories of their own, and he longed to see his friends again. More importantly, he hoped where ever Janus brought him, he’d be a freed man.

Author Bio

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…oh wait, that’s a different saga. W.M. Kirkland began writing over twenty years ago, and all the stories, no matter the genre, featured handsome men. Although these men keep W.M. at the computer most of the day, there’s still time for enjoying the outdoors, great movies, and a good time.

W.M. Kirkland is the pen name of prolific erotic romance author Mary Winter, and as such, you can learn about W.M. and Mary’s other pen names at

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