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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Swan for Christmas, by M.M. Wilde

A Swan for Christmas

QSFer M.M. Wilde has a new mm shifter holiday romance book out: A Swan for Christmas.

A Swan for Christmas is Book Four in the Vale Valley shared world series filled with lots of mpreg and sweet forever-afters!

An Alpha wolf and an omega swan can’t be fated mates… Right?

Abandoned by his swan herd and lost in a snowstorm, Kellan has nowhere to go. When he’s near death, he’s discovered by a wolf shifter in the woods surrounding a mysterious town filled with magic and hope. Could there also be love?

Vic, the owner of Vale Valley Inn and Restaurant, has been alone since a virus claimed the lives of most of his pack. He’s found acceptance and built a good life for himself in the beautiful town that has become his home. Still, facing another Christmas without a mate is heartbreaking, even if he’s accepted that he’ll never find his true wolf omega.

When Vic rescues Kellan, he plans to do anything he can to help the skittish man forge a new life in Vale Valley. He’s all too familiar with having to start over. But as they grow closer, something else starts happening that he’s not familiar with—the mating pull and a swan’s heat.

A Swan for Christmas is the fourth book in a multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. Each installment can be read as a standalone. This mpreg romance story features an omega virgin desperate for love, a lonely Alpha who is perplexed by the mechanics of nesting and a whole lot of hurt/comfort and smexy times. So curl up by the fireside with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy a Happy Holiday with two men who are destined to be together forever and raise a beautiful family!

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Once he was inside the wolf shifter’s truck, Kellan’s would-be rescuer fired up the engine and let the heat blast. He remained silent as he dug through the clothing.

“Take this.”  The man held out a red and black flannel shirt to Kellan.

Kellan accepted it, not wanting to look up. To act like I’m as good as him. Finn would always berate him if he slipped up and made eye contact.

“T-thank you.”

Kellan shrugged on the shirt, buttoning it with trembling fingers as the truck gradually warmed. He chanced a peek at the stranger, trying not to stare brazenly at his cock when he lifted his ass out of the seat to tug his jeans on.

He doesn’t have any underwear on. Kellan lowered his eyes again, his cheeks heating. He’d never seen such a handsome, hunky man before. None of his swan herd were built that way. Kellan held the fabric of the soft cotton shirt to his nose, inhaling the masculine, gorgeous scent. It was like pine mixed with spice and musk. Never had anything been so alluring to him—which was odd—since they were different shifter species. But then again, Kellan had never met a wolf before, so he wasn’t sure what they were supposed to smell like. Maybe they all had an amazing scent. Wolves certainly seemed very popular amongst shifters.

Unlike swans.

“Take these, too.”  The man shoved a pair of brown socks at him. “I’m worried about your toes. You can get frostbite a lot quicker than you’d think.”

As Kellan started to yank one of them on, he tugged a bit too hard on his bad ankle. “Ow!”

“Are you hurt?”

The man sounded very worried.

“I… I fell. Twisted my ankle.”

Kellan peered up at him, he couldn’t help himself. His curiosity had gotten him into plenty of trouble over the years, but he wanted to see the stranger, neededto know what he was thinking, if he was annoyed with Kellan or truly as concerned as he seemed.


The man was even more handsome now that he could get a good look at him inside the lighted cab.

“Lemme see.”

Kellan held up his foot for inspection, peeling the top of the sock back enough for an appraisal. The man frowned as he checked it, lightly poking it where there was some swelling at the ankle bone. Kellan hissed.

“Is that tender?”

Kellan nodded. “Yeah.”

“Okay.” He lowered Kellan’s leg, and the same as it had been when he’d set Kellan down in the truck, he felt the loss of the man’s touch somewhere deep inside. “It doesn’t appear too bad, I’m thinking you’ve got a mild sprain. When we get back to the inn, I’ll get you a wrap for it.” He twisted his body around then plucked a fluffy down jacket from behind the front bench seat, then presented it to Kellan. “Put this on too. I don’t know how long you were out there like that, but I’m thinking it was lucky I came along when I did.”

Kellan’s stomach roiled as he held the coat in front of him, not wanting it to touch his skin. The man’s scent was there, but so was another one. A sickening one. “I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful, but…” He wrinkled his nose. “This is filled with smelly old dead feathers!”

The stranger furrowed his brow, his elbow draped over the steering wheel as he considered Kellan. “I don’t understand. It’s filled with goose down. Are you allergic?”

Kellan gasped then threw the garment, the jacket smacking the man in the face. He sputtered and choked then pulled it away, clutching it in his lap as he frowned at Kellan again.

Oh dear. Already I’m making him not like me.

“What was that for?”

“I’m sorry! But those are my cousins’ feathers! I mean, not my actualcousins, probably, but I don’t know where they came from or how they got there. If they were being used outside in a nest with the fresh air, that would be one thing, but they’re suffocating in that synthetic fabric.”

A smile tugged at the corner of the man’s mouth and Kellan huffed. He didn’t see what was so amusing.

“Now I understand why I found you out in the Vale woods. You’re a goose shifter who needs a home.”

Kellan crossed his arms and huffed again. “I am not a goose shifter. I’m a swan.”

The still-shirtless man ran his gaze down Kellan’s body then met his eyes. “A very lovely swan.” He dipped his chin. “My apologies.” He angled his body around, but this time when he retrieved something from behind the seat, it was a red, wool blanket. “Do you have any sheep cousins?”

Kellan was working up to a snit, but he caught a slight twitch at the corner of the man’s mouth. He chuckled. “Not that I know of.” Kellan ducked his head. “Thank you. You’ve been so nice to me, saved my life. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

“It’s okay, don’t you worry about that.” The man’s voice had softened. “Why don’t you wrap that around yourself, though.” He adjusted the thick cover over Kellan’s shoulders and gathered it so the blanket covered his bare legs. “There. That’s better.” The man offered him a smile. “How about I introduce myself? I’m Vic, the Alpha of a very small pack and owner of the Vale Valley Inn and Restaurant. And you?”

Author Bio

M.M. Wilde is the knotty mpreg romance alter-ego of Morticia Knight who loves all things strange and unusual. To keep up with the latest in releases, exclusive excerpts, cover reveals and the occasional giveaway–when M.M. is feeling particularly saucy–follow her here and on Twitter or Facebook

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