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ANNOUNCEMENT: Alpha’s Embrace – Wendy Rathbone

Alpha's Embrace - Wendy Rathbone

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new MM fantasy romance, Omega Misfits Book 3: “Alpha’s Embrace.”

I am Misha.

My name was given to me at birth by the doctor who delivered me. I have never known my parents. I live in a ten by ten space with one window, a sink and toilet, a bed and a locked door. Once a day I’m taken to an outdoor exercise area. I am allowed a limited access tablet and tutored online by computer programs. I have one friend I talk to through a tiny crack in the wall. His name is Cedric and he has trouble keeping himself quiet. When he isn’t talking to me about monsters and demons, he screams all the time.

Why is my life so isolated and depressing? Because I am a Sylph. Sylphs are the byproduct of illegal Omega to Omega matings. We are all beautiful, but ninety-nine point nine percent are born insane. The rarest of Sylphs, like me, show no outward signs of madness or brain damage, but we live in institutions because we cannot be trusted.

All of us Sylphs who have lived long enough to pass through puberty have hypersexual disorder which makes life even more difficult for us, let alone our keepers. It is like something Alphas call the Burn, a mating urge Alphas experience once every couple of months.

But we’re Sylphs, not Alphas, and this Burn thing? We experience it all the time. It’s a huge problem and why we are kept isolated. Most of us don’t survive through our teens because of it.

One day, a handsome Alpha comes to interview and study me. He calls himself the Chief of Staff but his real name is Geo. Like magic, I fall in love with him instantly. I do everything I can to seduce him. He will have none of it because touch between an Alpha and a Sylph is taboo. But I have plans. No matter what, I intend to bond him and make him mine. Forever.

A non-shifter Alpha/Omega-Sylph love story of forbidden love, rescue, and an HEA.

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Sylphs had no Omega wombs or egg sacks. I thought of them as another sort of Alpha, but with damaged DNA.

History bore my thoughts out. Before taking this job, what little I’d read in books about Sylphs of the past said they were monstrous warnings from the gods. Sylphs were what Alphas might become if they did not control themselves, if their Burns ruled them. They were called anti-Alphas by some sects, and through the centuries they usually did not survive long, and those who lived to reach puberty were feared, isolated, or ritually killed.
It was also said Sylphs had no ability to bond. But what Sylph had lived long enough to even try?

Meeting Misha had derailed all my expectations. Had he somehow tricked me? Was that why his files were incomplete? Did others fear his demeanor as a trick as well? It made sense in an odd way, for if true, no one wanted to be the one individual who fell for his tricks and lost their job, or worse.

I remembered a rhyme from childhood about Sylphs.

Take a Sylph to bed,
Tomorrow wake up dead.

But rumors had their way of twisting the truth. Beliefs that were never challenged ended up hurting innocent individuals. Omegas knew this firsthand, and groups for Omega rights had waged huge uphill battles only to fail again and again.

I didn’t know what to think anymore except I knew in my heart that Misha was being wronged.

In the next weeks we’d see if the little freedoms I planned to give him backfired or not. It was a risk, but for his life, I felt it was worth it.

Author Bio

Read Wendy Rathbone where… imposters and outcasts, princes and lost boys always find love and a happily ever after!

Wendy lives, reads and writes in Yucca Valley, CA with her partner, Della, two dogs and five cats.

She has over 20 mm romance novels out in contemporary, sci fi/fantasy, vampire and omegaverse.

Her three most recent are her omegaverse series: Trust No Alpha, The Alpha’s Fake Mate and Alpha’s Embrace.

She is also an award-winning poet.

She got her start writing fanfic at an early age and has had a compulsion to write ever since.


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  1. I must read this book, it has everything I look for in a book, bonus it doesn’t insult my intelligence


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