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Announcement: Arrival, by Michelle Robbins

Arrival - Michelle RobbinsMichelle Robins at Amber Quill Press has a new MM sci fi romance out, part of her Urilqii series:

Life for Liam Sinclair used to be easy. Raves, work, sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Yet all of that changed with the arrival of the Urilqii…space aliens, technically, although they looked like everybody else. But if that wasn’t freaky enough, they arrived on Earth to thwart a global usurpation by beings they called The Targolt. Climate change, long-denied, was proof of the invasion.

Although at first Liam was as skeptical as everyone else, he couldn’t deny one fantastic truth—those space-faring alien dudes were hot, Hot, HOT! Still, despite their smiles and affable natures, despite the continual coverage of their actions by the media, the aliens have been strangely close-mouthed, even after many months on Earth. And Liam, like most humans, can’t help but wonder—what are they hiding?

He is about to find out.

First Sergeant Mike, a member of the Urilqii race, lost his love in the last battle with The Targolt and lives with the pain and guilt of surviving while his adored partner did not. But with Liam’s sudden arrival into his life and into his heart, will Mike be able to accept or even admit his growing feelings for the handsome human?


…Like everyone else, Liam had been glued to the television and computer the first year of the alien arrival. He’d stuck to his couch while he watched the recorded ocean dives for data and spacewalks.

Any and all videos of the Urilqii had gone instantly viral. YouTube had turned them into instant Internet superstars, whether they’d wanted to be or not.

The guy must have felt him watching because he turned his head, followed by the rest of that sculpted body, and faced him. Their gazes met…and held.

The bottom of Liam’s stomach dropped away and he found himself restless. Not worried or afraid, no, just hot and antsy, like he stood too close to a stove. A charge filled the atmosphere, like the presence of an oncoming thunderstorm.

He glanced up. Not a cloud marred the starry sky. That fast, the sensation was gone. Its absence felt like a blast of artic air. He dropped his gaze and discovered the guy had turned away and was now gyrating to the music alongside other members of his unit.

Gorgeous moved like liquid metal, every placement of his arms or legs, every shimmy of his hips made with equal parts precision and grace. The comparison wasn’t a large stretch of the imagination. Along with their mercurial grace, the Urilqii were strong as hell.

Bullets ricocheted off their skin, knives broke instead of penetrated, and one of them could throw a bus three city blocks. Yeah, they’d been put to the test. The Earth Pure movement hadn’t taken to their presence without a fuss. Liam didn’t fit into that culture, and he thanked God for it, since that tight ass, flexing thighs, the powerful plane of the back and muscular physique was way more interesting than hate speech.

Way more interesting. In fact, he was sweating. It wasn’t because of the temperature or humidity, no. The reason for his sweat was the sexy hitch of that guy’s hips. Beautiful. Mesmerizing. Fucking intense, man. He stopped there because he didn’t have any more words for it.

Liam twisted off the bottle cap and gulped more water, but that didn’t abate the heat raging in his veins. The truth was it wasn’t water he wanted. The delicious hard body in motion called to him the way a siren’s voice had entranced the ancient mariners.

He considered, took a moment to evaluate the pros and cons, then came to the decision he’d known he’d make all along. The still half-full bottle bounced off the edges of a nearby bin before it settled inside. Sure, an avalanche of seven different types of shit was the probable outcome, but hell’s bells, how often did an opportunity like this come though a guy’s life anyway?

Liam waded into the cluster of Urilqii and came up beside Gorgeous. He tapped one wide shoulder. The dancing man turned to face the interruption. Liam held out a hand as an invitation to dance.

Time stopped, or so it seemed. His heart made two contractions inside his chest as their eyes again met and held. Something electric crackled in the air. Gorgeous offered a half-smile and caught Liam’s hand in his as he accepted the offer. The next thing Liam knew, he was dancing with a mouthwatering alien inside that splendid natural amphitheater.

Liam’s partner’s muscular body shifted in front of him with a smooth, sleek grace and in perfect time to beat of the music and he found himself getting hotter and hotter as they moved in simultaneous abandon. The blood throbbed through his veins, waves of pleasure that echoed the tempos of the neon light show around them.

The live musicians shifted and swayed as the beat played on, but Liam only had eyes for his partner, and his partner only had eyes for him. Those beautiful eyes called to mind the burning fires of a distant star. His warmed cheeks appeared to please the man, if he read the expression correctly. Christ, I probably look fuck-flushed. His dance partner didn’t seem to mind, though. In fact, those amazing eyes darkened as the pupils dilated in the face of Liam’s flushed cheeks and panting breaths.

A blend of cinnamon and musk crept into the air around them to mask the omnipresent smell of sweat and clove cigarettes. He drew it deep into his lungs and shuddered from the pleasure. It seemed to fill his cells, if such was possible.

“God, you smell good,” Liam rasped.

His dance partner looked startled briefly, but then a smile broke across his clean-shaven face. “You like that, huh?”

The low-voiced question was somehow audible above the pounding music without a shout.

“Fuck, yeah,” Liam admitted. “I could drown in it.”

Those starfire eyes flickered with a blaze of heat, but he said nothing more.

I’m such a dickhead, Liam thought to himself. Dancing with the guy, turned on by his cologne, and he didn’t even know his name.

“What’s your name?” he asked, as coolly as he could, considering his exertion. “Mine’s Liam.”


Liam edged closer, wondering about what he’d heard. “Mike?” That didn’t sound alien.

“Your people have labeled me ‘Sergeant Mike.’”

The man said nothing more, but he didn’t need to. The sentence said everything. The guy he danced with was similar to humans, but not the same, and Liam didn’t give a shit about that fact. The name seemed familiar, though. Maybe he’d seen this guy in one of the YouTube videos?

He shrugged away the opaque memories since there were other things to think about. The music had changed to a low throb. Couples everywhere were slow dancing to the beat. He wasn’t the shy type. Liam caught one of Mike’s hands and looped it over his shoulder. With a twist, he was back to front with the man.

The next few seconds would give the answer to his unspoken question…

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Author Bio

Michelle Robbins began reading romance novels in middle school. Her passion for that genre has continued to this day. Imagine her surprise when Romance blended with Erotica. Stories poured out of her! Blessed to live among the glory and grandeur of the USA’s Pacific Northwest, she shares her home with three cats, a tank of fish, her dreams and many, many daily critter visitors. Michelle also writes Futuristic Romance for Amber Quill Press’s main imprint under the penname B. Thatcher. Come play among her imaginings. She promises that it won’t hurt.

For more information on Michelle, visit her website at


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