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ANNOUNCEMENT: Athens Ophelia, by Zachary Aneiress

QSFer Zachary Aneiress has a new gay sci fi book out: “Athens Ophelia.”

When 16 year old Aneiress Torian is sent before the judge, he is granted a second chance with a catch and what follows him is nothing short of new rules & limits when he is placed on probation, being sent to live in the south, of all places; in a city known as Yonzaba Heights. There he is to go to a predominantly Caucasian prep school of high society with very few mixtures, work a job he dreads and keep a grade point average above a C or face the actions for his crimes.

What he hopes vs what  he gets is the entanglement that makes his crime filled past seem easy when he meets a cat that tells him of who he is, son of Athena Goddess Of Wisdom and his destiny as warrior Athens Ophelia champion of Justice to protect the Earth.

But the odds have no end in a city that lives on appearance with a sociopathic love interest questioning his sexuality, a demonic teacher the biblical Titan Lucifer, a witch for a vice principal, classmates that live to humility and a parole officer that holds no bars to the fire.

As he discovers more about himself in this adventureous tale, Aneiress questions what it means to be perceived as a monster vs the reality of becoming a hero in a world that doesn’t want him in it.

This is Athens Ophelia: The Misadventures Of Growing Up Extraordinary!

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Author Bio

Zachary Aneiress

Zachary Aneiress grew up reading the greats Stephen King, James Patterson, Stephanie Meyer, Toni Morrison & many more which blossomed a very active imagination when he was suppose to be doing his school work, dreaming of darng adventures and being a hero of some kind or the desired flame of eternal love so big it’d spark many more adventures, basically anywhere besides the confines of the small world he grew up in until one day he realized that none of the characters he was reading about had anything in common with him or his life experiences. Now he’s taking chances to tell stories from a different perspective.

When not being a dog dad to Innocence Prue, Zachary is writing his next novel!


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