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ANNOUNCEMENT: Balance of Estubria, by Trevor Barton

Balance of Estubria

QSFer Trevor Barton has a new queer sci fi book out:

The Brobots (dehumanized nonhumans) seek a way for everyone to win; even if in doing so they die. A super-advanced AI travels the cosmos considering how much, or how little, she likes humans. Fleshing out plans to enslave all humanity, the super rich jeopardize everyone else’s future dreams. When all humanity finally gets the future it deserves, what sort of future will that be?

Balance of Estubria is the conclusion to the Brobots trilogy – a work told across three continuous books. (Make sure to read them in order.)

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“We miss love love the Brobots better because we made them made them made them made them them them disa disa dis dis dis… A totally encryption constitution raaaaaaainbow cat now diiiiignity nooooiiise.”

‘Ursula? Ursula!’

A young man in a gray tie with a bright red face screamed at Miss Practice from the opposite end of the project room. Her mind had wandered. Become vacant. For a moment she’d forgotten where she was, who she was, what day it was, what she was doing. She hadn’t been anything. She hadn’t been anyone. It had been a moment of non-sparking. Of absence.

She came to. Her colleague noticed. ‘The whole thing. System crash any minute. Not just singular. Epidemic. What do we do?’

She took her hands away from her forehead, and lifted her upper body and elbows away from her desk. Her head filled with a sick throbbing. He continued to ask, persisted with his desperate questions. She couldn’t understand him any more. Her hearing had gone. Perhaps her whole life had been one of non-sparking after all.

She kept her eyes on him. She was no longer a subject. No longer anything. Numb. Not real. Not human. She reached down robotically with her right hand to open the top drawer. She said (to nobody in particular), ‘If this is what we did it for..,’ then drew out a loaded gun, placed it to her right temple, and shot.

Author Bio

Trevor Barton was born on the south coast of England to a biker and a supermarket attendant (whose brother was a trucker). He got sent to Air Training Corps for toughening up. His curious local town was into line dancing and hard-line Baptist theology (making it closer in vibe perhaps to a southern US State than to South East England).
“Myth of the Cyborg: The Perpetuation of a Cultural Fantasy” was the title of his M.A. Dissertation in 1998. Part of this involved studying the philosophy of artificial intelligence with Ray Monk and looking at issues in representation with Deniz Göktürk (now at Berkeley).
There not being many jobs in Cyborgology, Trevor took the editorial helm of a U.K. search engine (because Google U.K. had not been heard of then). His tie-in magazine had distribution throughout the U.K. and the actor who plays Blackadder’s Baldric was the advertising voice.
With later jobs involving a great deal of U.S. business travel he’s published globally recognized websites, bar-crawled around Nashville and taken sidewalks with alligators in Florida. He’s also slept rough (for charity), established a peace center, helped save four lives, been ordained as a Buddhist and cleaned satellite dishes with a mop and bucket.
Trevor has lived experience with mental health. His mother died when he was 16 and his father was disabled. Trevor lives in the U.K. with his husbear.

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