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Announcement: Beyond the Hedge Volume 1: The Light and the Dark

Beyond the HedgeQSFer Matt Buscemi’s Fuzzy Hedgehog Press has a new sci fi anthology book out:

The debut volume of Fuzzy Hedgehog Press’s biannual anthology series features stories revolving around themes of good and evil and especially the gray areas in between.

Piper Lewis’s protagonists must travel light years from home to fight an intergalactic war… or do they?

Matt Sayer takes us to a world where the technological artifacts of our day have become rare treasures. But some of them aren’t keen to be reclaimed.

When it comes to drilling, Alissa Berger wonders who has the biggest complaint: the humans with the polluted waters or the rocks themselves?

Elizabeth Guizzetti gives us a young priestess, who wishes to save her love from the appetite of a very corporeal and ravenous god.

How might the devil go about creating hell on earth? Robert Bagnall wonders.

B.J. Neblett imagines a world of joy and a world of gloom, connected by a tear in space and time, situated atop an unassuming bench.

Albert Nothlit’s artificial intelligence is trying to understand death, and it will use any means available to achieve its goals.

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About the Authors

Robert Bagnall’s speculative and science fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies since the early 1990s. He also occasionally dons a suit and tie to remind himself of the absurdity of the workplace, although not as an accountant, and has a double (or is it triple?) life in property development. At the time of writing he is renovating a Victorian villa on the English Riviera, which Rudyard Kipling allegedly once visited. A previous project led to his non-fiction book ‘127a’, available on Amazon. You can find his science fiction musings at He doesn’t like dogs and is allergic to cats.


Alissa Berger earned her bachelor’s degree at Purdue University, with a minor in creative writing and English. Her first short story, “Unaccomplished,” was recently published in eFiction magazine. Currently, she lives in Seattle and writes with her local writing community through Wordsmithy and Ballard Writers Critique Group. At this time she is pursuing her master’s in teaching math and science with the hopes to teach math and physics. On the occasional weekend, she will make visits home to Houston, Texas to bring back buckets of queso to Washington.


Matthew Buscemi is the series editor for Beyond the Hedge and founder of Fuzzy Hedgehog Press. He grew up in Illinois, but left to explore the world. He has taught English in Japan and Thailand, and has studied linguistics in Hawaii.

Nowadays he lives with his partner in Seattle, Washington, where he types code by day and prose by night. He dreams of exploring the multiverse himself, but until humanity gets around to inventing a means of inter-dimensional travel, his imagination will suffice.


Elizabeth Guizzetti discovered, much to her chagrin, that she was not a cyborg and that growing up to be an otter would be impractical, and so she began writing stories. Guizzetti currently lives in Seattle with her husband and two dogs. When not writing, she loves hiking and birdwatching.

She is the author and illustrator of independent comics: Faminelands, Lure and Out for Souls & Cookies! Her debut novel, Other Systems, was a Finalist for the 2015 Canopus Award. She continues to write science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Her third book, a cosmic horror novel entitled The Grove will be released in the autumn of 2016.


Piper Lewis is excited to have her first piece of fiction published in Beyond the Hedge. Piper is a geoscientist, a writer, and an audiobook narrator and producer. She is currently working on a novel and enjoys thinking about character development and world building. She is passionate about storytelling and how the stories we tell shape and are shaped by culture.


B.J. Neblett is a regular contributor to Romance, eFiction and Paradox EtherealMagazines. His books include Elysian Dreams, a contemporary romantic fantasy,Ice Cream Camelot, a memoir exploring the 1960’s through the eyes of a young boy, and the forthcoming alternate reality series Planet Alt-Sete-Nine. BJ hosts two blogs: for poetry, for his stories and other writings.


Albert Nothlit currently lives in Mexico City, where he has somewhat reluctantly gotten used to the crowds. He shares a home with his husband and their sassy little dog named Link. His two other passions are gaming and running, although not games involving running because those can be boring. His favorite games are RPGs, and one of his guilty pleasures is watching eSports in pubs whenever the opportunity arises. He has an MSc in Environmental Engineering, which has turned out to be surprisingly helpful in creating postapocalyptic science-fiction worlds. Not that he thinks that an apocalypse is unavoidable. He is a secretly hopeful man who thinks the future will be better—just no flying cars. Imagine the safety hazards.


Matt Sayer is an Analyst Programmer living in Melbourne, Australia. He has written and self-published two novels, Guerrilla Internet and The Price of Ascendance, as well as a short story, Isis. Another short story of his, Memory Leak, has been published in Beyond Science Fiction magazine. His genre of choice is science fiction, with influences ranging from Asimov and Heinlein, to more recent authors such as John Scalzi and Charles Stross.

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