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Announcement: Brobots, by Trevor Barton

BrobotsQSFer Trevor Barton has a new MM sci fi romance out:

Brobots is a Science Fiction queer romance. It’s literary and trashy at the same time; but trash can be fun, right? Jared is a code monkey. He’s also a broken man who could do with understanding himself and letting go. Byron thought he knew who he was. What you saw was what you got. Now he’s not so sure. He is a construction worker who feels rejected, needs to get out and find his life. They can help each other; but doing so requires more reality-bending than either of them bargained for.

“This book is a mash-up of shallow page-turner, spiritual soul-searching, and literary fiction. On one level it’s pure sexual fantasy. On another it’s an allegory for what it means to be a man, or be human and be whole when the only constant is change.”

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Thinking of which, Jared had perked up this last week or so. What was up with that? Was there a story there? Jason closed down his apps and unhooked from the cloud. He gathered up his belongings and headed to Jared’s booth. Jared was doing the same.
‘Oh, hey! Congrats on the launch!’
‘Thank you. Wanna help me celebrate?’
‘What do you have in mind?’
‘Nothing too big. Maybe upstairs at the Palm Tree for a quiet drink?’
Maybe Byron is ready. ‘That sounds nice. Is it okay to bring a friend?’
‘You have friends? I never knew. He or she?’
‘He be a date?’ Jason raised an eyebrow.
‘He be no date.’
‘He be gay single friend?’
‘Single, yes. Gay, no. Code monkey need cookie now?’ Jared fed Jason an unwrapped cookie as they headed out the building. Through a full mouth Jason said, ‘code monkey cookie happy.’ Crumbs fired everywhere.

Author Bio

Trevor Barton was born on the south coast of England to a biker and a supermarket attendant. His curious local town was into line dancing and hardline Baptist theology (making it closer in vibe to a southern US State than southern England – and he’s worked in the US a lot so he knows he’s not exaggerating.) His Masters dissertation was on ‘The Myth of the Cyborg’. He’s been editor of a national magazine, published globally-recognized websites, voted in a Don’s parliament, slept rough (for charity), established a peace center, helped save four lives, been ordained as a Buddhist, and cleaned satellite dishes with a mop and bucket. Today the arts, activism and apps are more his thing.


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1 thought on “Announcement: Brobots, by Trevor Barton”

  1. The excerpt is fun! It sounds like a good read, although I wish you had said a little more about the connection to the title. I mean are they robots? Do they play robots in virtual reality? Are they building robots?

    Regardless, heading to Amazon now to find out.


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