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Announcement: Broken Mirror, by Cody Sisco

Broken MirrorQSFer Cody Sisco has a new sci fi book out:

Diagnosed with mirror resonance syndrome, Victor suffers “blank outs,” hallucinations, and vivid nightmares. He violently overreacts to even minor confrontations. He is shunned by society in Semiautonomous California and struggles to live in the shadow of his diagnosis. Would that have changed if Granfa Jefferson – a man who devoted his life to researching a cure for mentally ill Broken Mirrors like Victor – were still alive? In a world very familiar yet strangely different from our own, Victor must walk a precarious line between sanity and reclassification – a fate that all but guarantees incarceration – as he searches for the truth of who killed Jefferson Eastmore and stumbles onto a conspiracy with global implications.

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Author Bio

Cody Sisco is the author of speculative fiction that straddles the divide between plausible and extraordinary. “Broken Mirror” is his first novel, and the first in a series that focuses on Victor Eastmore’s journeys on Resonant Earth and beyond. An avid reader of Frank Herbert, Haruki Murakami, and Kim Stanley Robinson, Sisco strives to create worlds that sit in the “uncanny valley”–discomfortingly odd yet familiar, where morality is not clear-cut, technology bestows blessings and curses, and outsiders struggle to find their niche. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


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