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Announcement: Cat Got Your Tongue, by Michelle Rae

Cat Got Your Tongue, by Michelle RaeQSFer Michelle Rae has a new fantasy book out:

Rejected by his parents because of his sexuality, Tyler flees to an abandoned house owned by his family in the country. There, Tyler discovers the presence of a cat he has appropriately named ‘The Black Devil’. But this cat is not ordinary cat and Tyler is about to find out things are going to get a whole lot more complicated.

Lannor is not your average cat; he’s not even from the planet. Sent to earth by his mother to understand what love truly means, Lannor struggles through the many years. Losing those he loves, until he meets Tyler does Lannor realize what was missing from his life?

Cat Got Your Tongue was the very first gay romance story Michelle wrote. It is also one of the few written that contained adult content. Written in 2008, this story has had many changes over the years and although Michelle feels there is still room for improvement, she is happy with how the story has developed.

Inspired by her love of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Cat Got Your Tongue was born with shape-shifting in mind and grew from there.


“Well, good evening. I’m getting undressed now, in case you want to leave.” Tyler laughed when the cat hissed, but noticed, not as menacing as the previous times. The black devil stood and Tyler thought he was going to leave but instead he walked around in a circle and settled himself down on the vanity. Tyler was surprised at how clearly he could see the devil’s eyes as he watched him, and again Tyler was reminded of his dream.

“So, you’ve staying to watch the show instead,” Tyler taunted him.

The cat lifted his head and bared his sharp teeth but made no sound. Tyler laughed again and started removing his clothes. The cold air against his damp skin gave him goose bumps and he heard the cat make a noise.

“Enough from you,” Tyler told him and turned on the tap. The pipes hammered and then dirty water flowed out of the facet. Tyler waited until the water cleared before dampening his washcloth under the ice-cold water, goose bumps painfully covering his body as he did. The touch of the cold cloth on his skin was torture but Tyler continued until his entire body was wiped clean. He quickly towelled himself down and grabbing his pyjamas, pulled them on.

With his damp t-shirt, Tyler wiped down the rail and hung his towel over to dry. Using his face wash, he wiped up the mess around the sink and vanity. He was surprised the black devil never complained about water being splashed but when Tyler looked over at him, he was asleep. Tyler reached out and softly rubbed an ear between his fingers. The cat’s eyes opened slightly as he leaned his head a little towards Tyler’s hand.

“You big softy,” Tyler told him quietly.

When the black devil realized Tyler was the one rubbing his ear, he hissed, jumped from the vanity and ran from the room. Tyler chuckled to himself as he followed the cat back to the bedroom.

Lannor was furious with himself. He had let Tyler caress him, something he had always avoid from the men of the house. He had been caught off guard when Tyler came into the bathroom. When he realized what Tyler was intending, Lannor felt unsure about what he should do. With the bathroom door left open, the light coming from the landing emphasized Tyler’s body and Lannor could not help but stare. But of course, Tyler ruined it by making smart remarks about Lannor wanting to see him naked again. The temptation to give Tyler an earful bubbled to the surface but Lannor refused to be baited.

Instead, Lannor made every attempt to ignore Tyler, but to no avail. Lannor had even considered leaving, but being so desperate for company, Lannor could not help but want to be near Tyler, even if the man was painful.

But the decision to stay had proven to be a bad one. The image of Tyler naked burned in Lannor’s mind. If Lannor thought seeing Tyler naked earlier in the bedroom was enough to bother him, seeing him naked in the bathroom only a metre away was killing him. Lannor could not help but watch Tyler’s progress as he washed the dry sweat from his arms and chest. The feelings deep within were creating a mixture of sensations Lannor was unfamiliar with.

Lannor didn’t want to admit he found the sight before him arousing. He could find no other word to describe what he was feeling. He was almost embarrassed to admit he found himself attracted to Tyler. Or perhaps it was simply a matter of admiration. Tyler’s physique, compared to Lannor’s, was equal. Was Lannor merely curious about this man? Perhaps from Tyler, Lannor could learn a thing or two about love. Maybe this was the lesson his mother wanted him to learn.

Lannor sat on the rug, in front of the fireplace, watching the door. He knew Tyler would be back any moment. It wasn’t like he was eager to see him again but surprisingly he did enjoy the company. Even the small gestures Tyler gave were enjoyable and as much as Lannor wanted to dislike the man, he found he could not. There was something about Tyler that made Lannor curious. Lannor only hoped Tyler wouldn’t turn out to be a complete annoyance.

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Author Bio

Michelle Rae lives in lovely Adelaide, South Australia. She began writing fan fiction for her son, which led to bigger and better things. Writing LGBT stories became her passion after discovering the genre in 2008. Determined to write her greatest story, Michelle dedicates endless hours hoping to achieve this dream. In her spare time, Michelle likes to drink tea, eat peppermint chocolate and keep the last of her sanity intact.


Twitter: @michelle_rae70


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