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Announcement: Conjuring the Shroud, by Tim O’Leary

Conjuring the Shroud - Tim O'LearyToday we have a short story from QSFer Tim O’Leary – a free read:

CONJURING THE SHROUD is part of the Real Story Safe Sex Project, began by award-winning author Brent Hartinger (Geography Club.) The project called for authors to write short stories, all available for free download, that told fun, hot stories that incorporated safe sex. (And of course I knew mine would have to incorporate elves and wizards in some way.)

SHROUD features Adrian, a 17-year-old bisexual punky kid with a geeky obsession – the tabletop role-playing game he and his friends play everyday after school. When he finally has sex with his boyfriend, Jesse, his mind catapults back and forth between the real world and the fantasy world of Kazala.

Enjoy and feel free to share if there’s a queer teen in your life who may have some questions about safe sex. And hey, since it’s Christmastime, the best presents are Amazon and Goodreads reviews! :-)


The ground trembled and suddenly split apart. A deep chasm began to widen, and from it a large figure flew out. He was very tall and thickly veined, and his head, slightly redder than the rest of him, was capped with a shiny battle helm, mushroom-like in shape. Concerning his eye, the stories were true—he had but one giant eye in the middle of his face, an eye that squinted as he stared at the two heroes.

“The One-Eyed Snake!” Hathor shouted. “Our enemy has found us!”

“So, at last we meet!” Malavoth said, his voice somehow both hard and silky soft at the same time.

Hathor, a warrior to his core, shouted with excitement at the promise of battle. “This is the moment, Dathiel! The moment we face the Snake!”

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Author Bio

Tim O’Leary is an author, playwright, screenwriter, and columnist for Check back for updates about his YA fantasy novel, The Dream Seer!


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