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Announcement: Cosmic Encounters

Cosmic EncountersQSFer Nicolette deSada alerted us to a new erotic sci fi anthology she’s in:

From across the universe these stories have come together to guide readers through a whole gambit of erotic pairings and interactions all with a science fiction twist. Be it mutated humans or aliens from far flung worlds there is something for everyone.


Happily Ever After…

The Dwarf was looking dispiritedly through the wanted ads in The Stage when Snow White came in, shaking the cold and wet off her coat.

“Anything?” she asked brightly, feigning a smile.

“Not a one,” he replied glumly.

“Oh well, never mind. Rentals?”

The Dwarf looked disapproving. “There’s a loop outfit out back with some gutter skanks. And Rosie’s waiting for you indoors.”

Snow White smiled in spite of herself, as if even in the sleety winter rain someone had unexpectedly crushed a handful of freshly picked honeysuckle under her nose.

“Oh well, put one of your old movies on,” she purred, “they always cheer you up.”

The Dwarf looked doubtful. “It’s going to be a long hard year from now till next panto season,” he complained. “I can see lean days ahead…”

Snow White smiled and patted his arm. “We have the rentals. And I always make a sale or two, we’ll survive.”

“If you say so,” the Dwarf sighed, slotting the bulky old cassette into the machine and sitting back as the screen erupted in a snowstorm of fallout.

“I’ll leave you to it, then,” she said, but the Dwarf was ignoring her and pretending to be absorbed.


The Dwarf’s apartment perched in a crumbling twentieth century high-rise twenty-three floors into the clouds. Daubed in anti-Armageddonist graffiti, the old building towered like a fantasy castle on the borders of the Mutant Zone, the cogged brass wheels which drove its clanking elevators long-since corroded and seized with grime, making it the ideal location for the Loopers who gladly paid out a hundred credits or more for the uninterrupted use of a room for an afternoon’s filming.

Earlier that morning a rain-slaked procession of men had trudged up the stairs, clutching cameras and lead-lined boxes stuffed with precious scraps of film stock, getting all in readiness for the gutter skanks and spunk bunnies who would arrive after the midday patrol ships sailed past.

Red Rose, though, was beside herself with excitement and had arrived early to watch the filming, and she paced their room impatiently while the crew smoked and waited for their cast. She particularly liked watching Loopers at work, loving the indifferent way the gutter skanks spread their legs for the camera, and thrilling to their blank faces and hard grey eyes as the spunk bunnies ejaculated their pestilential come all over their skinny bellies. It was all so sordid. So different.

And today she was standing on tip-toe peering impatiently through the old ventilation grille above their bed when her lover came in to join her. The gutter skanks were already in situ on the shaky divan next door, one unashamedly naked, the other trying to keep warm by clutching a grubby chemise over her tiny breasts. They were both Pre-Armageddons, and probably in their thirties or older, but their small damaged bodies and flat chests made them look half that age – jail bate tits, Snow White called them – and it was only their flinty eyes that betrayed their lack of youthfulness.

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Author Bio

Vanessa de Sade

Vanessa de Sade is a forty-something full-figure gal who likes to write hot stories about real women exploring the darker regions of their own sexuality. She is the author of the novel, Maid for Milking, and her many short stories can be found in countless anthologies. Her solo collections to date are Black & White Movies, Nude Shots, Tales from a Tangled Bush and In the Forests of the Night.

Kim Knox

Kim Knox ( brews sex, magic, darkness and technology in a little corner of North West England. She writes erotic science fiction and fantasy romance for a number of e-presses.

Crysta K Coburn

Crysta K. Coburn is a graduate of Western Michigan University, holding degrees in both creative writing and Asian Studies. Though she writes in many genres, her favourite is speculative fiction. Previous anthologies featuring her work include “GlassFire Anthology” and “Valves and Vixens: Steampunk Erotica”. She is also a columnist for a local journal and blogs regularly. Find her online at

Dennis Newman

Dennis Newman lives in the North of England. He writes, works in the theatre, and spends time in his garden or out walking.

Nicolette deSada

Nicolette deSada majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology during her undergraduate career and was a member of her university’s Gay-Straight Alliance. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration because she aspires to illustrate her own work. Nicolette loves to read manga (especially yaoi manga) and always keeps a sharp eye out for LGBT themes in classic literature. You can find her online at and

Nicole Gestalt

Nicole Gestalt has been writing erotica for many years. When Nicole is not writing or editing she loves spending her time with her partner, walking and drinking lots of mocha’s, particularly if they have whipped cream on top. Nicole loves hearing from her readers and can be found at her website ( but you can also find her spending far too much time on Twitter: @Author1539


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