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Announcement: Day of Enlightenment, by Damian Bloodstone

Day of EnlightenmentQSFer Damian Bloodstone has a new sci fi book out:

Ciar, conflicted and troubled, lost everything to the mega city and is hunted by a stalker for things written of the past. To survive, he must first retrieve something in a place forbidden to travel. Alone and tortured by his own code, he wishes to find what’s lacking in his life. Can he accept the very thing he is truly running from?

Edyn tried to escape her past from the courtesan houses in the mega city. The Holy Light Church guided her once and wishes for her return… but with a price. Fleeing to what was once home, she finds only those things which made her runaway seasons ago. Unable to go back, she must look forward by accepting herself and what she fears most.

Two people lost in more ways than either will admit. Trapped together by fate, can each learn the real meaning of unconditional love? Will the Day of Enlightenment bring them together or to ruin?

Note: This book contains forced seduction.


At the edge of the town, a small sign displayed its name proudly in gold. Another ten minutes and buildings came into view as he turned on the main street of Blue Rock.

His eyes surveyed the dark closed places. Glancing at the clock, it showed 24:45. Only some places had lights on: the Enforcer’s office, the local medical center, the general store, and two restaurants. He pulled the transport into a parking space in front of the Proffit General Store.

The snow-covered walkway was covered in the footprints of parents with their littles from the day. It appeared to be a busy town even if kept in solitude.

The store appeared smaller from the front as he opened the door then stepped inside. The old wood floor creaked under his feet, and the aisles were restricting with their antique wooden shelves.

“We close in fifteen minutes,” the man said from behind the single checkout counter. His shirt had the name “Frank” embroidered on it. “I haven’t seen you in here before. Are you the one with that fancy house on tracks that drove through earlier?”

“Yes.” He picked up the carry basket and started down the long aisle.

“If you want, I can start an account for you.” The man came from behind the counter and toward him then stopped.

“No.” He inspected the items on the shelves while getting a few canned goods safe to eat on his diet. The supply of safe foods was few on most shelves. When he came to the aisle with dried noodles, he found only one pack of rice noodles left. As he reached for it, another hand touched his. Deep brown eyes stared at him, and he became lost in their gaze.

“I need those.” She didn’t let go and gently pulled them from his hand.

He let go of the last package as his eyes wandered to her carry basket. Most of her basket was empty except for the noodles, some bouillon cubes, and spices.

“They don’t have much here if you’re on a special diet.” She glanced at his basket before looking up again.

“I’m finding that out.” He moved his basket aside as she walked by him in the compact aisle. Her body scraped by his in their thick coats.

“Where do you shop?” he asked.

“Here.” She smiled, walking toward the next aisle of frozen foods.

He turned the corner and ran into the transparent door she had opened.

“I’m sorry.” She placed the bag of frozen broccoli in her basket then closed the door.

“I’ll be all right.” He held his nose a moment then checked for blood. “It didn’t hurt much.”

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Author Bio

Damian Bloodstone’s love of science fiction books, movies and games led him to develop his worlds. Working since he was only thirteen on his universes, he made them as lifelike as possible through researching actual science and blending this with the unique qualities of his imagination to bring them to life.

He loves to write and world build. He writes mainly paranormal/sci-fi stories with erotic content. His passion for writing extends to all genre and even poetry.

When not writing, he enjoys cooking, crafts, painting, driving, and computer strategy games. He enjoys people watching and listening to the ways people speak.


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