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Announcement: Delphini: Damage Control, by Hannah Walker

Delphini: Damage ControlQSFer Hannah Walker has a new Sci Fi book out:

May your journey be swift and uneventful, may you all get one step closer to your truemates and may good triumph over evil. Remember love conquers all.

When Dax and Bell crash land on an unknown planet they only have one objective— find their friends and fellow Avanti. Of course, Bell needs to heal up from his injuries first, then they have to work out where to go. Their biggest problem is— they hadn’t counted on the world they landed on being quite as large as it was.

Along the way they encounter hostile local warriors, incredible beasts and more than their fair share of problems. It would be fascinating, if they weren’t so worried about their friends.

Dax has gone into damage control mode, as the commander of the Avanti it’s his job, his duty, to see his friends and teammates safe and there is nothing that will stand in the way.
Bell, the calmer of the two, has finally found somewhere he can let his inner darintha beast be free and he’s making the most of it, using his darintha senses to help find their missing friends.

Never forgetting their mission, the two embark on a journey that not only tests them to their limits, but also deepens the trust and friendship that being Avanti is all about. Together, they search for their friends, and fight for survival as only Avanti can.

Book Three of the Avanti Chronicles

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Commander Daxin ‘Dax’ Rydoc sprinted for his pod, where his teammate Lieutenant Bellan ‘Bell’ Nimeri was prepping for their escape. The Barin Alliance Cruiser (BAC) Delphini was breaking up all around them, under attack from some unknown enemy. The Delphini was losing both power and integrity fast. The hull was a wreck, with gaping holes and tears as far as the eye could see. The klaxon was still wailing in the background and the noise was starting to grate on his already frayed nerves. He was pissed he needed to break his Avanti team into three groups, but there was little choice as all the big pods were gone. Only two man pods were left. It was hard to leave Corin, and the injured Tate, to fend for themselves, but it was the best option and Tate’s only real hope of surviving. He only hoped the autopilot he helped set up worked for them. He was sure Hunter wasn’t too badly injured and Bray would be able to patch him up with the med kit they had taken with them in the third pod.

Sparks were raining down on him from various rips within the hull of the escape bay. He saw the fissures within the hull widening at a rapid, and frankly, alarming rate. The internal emergency force field was making a valiant attempt to contain the damage, but it was obvious, even to an untrained eye, it was losing the battle. Even the most sophisticated ships within the Barin fleet would struggle to come back from this amount of damage, so the rust bucket they were on never really stood a chance. There were mere minutes before the entire cruiser broke apart.

Beyond the internal force field, Dax saw the ship’s shield was completely disintegrated. He could see debris was already floating close to the ship, just outside the shields. It would cause Bell problems navigating through the debris field and he hoped luck was on their side, for all of them, but especially Tate and Corin. No one was going to be piloting Corin and Tate’s pod— the autopilot was engaged so the doc could focus on Tate’s injuries. Dax still couldn’t believe Tate had a bloody spike through his abdomen— Tate was a trouble magnet. Either that, or he possessed the worst luck in all the known universes. Dax snorted softly to himself. More than likely it was a bit of both.

Dax sprinted up the pod’s ramp and slammed his hand on the emergency door close button. “Get us the fuck out of here, Bell.”

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Author Bio

Hannah Walker is a full-time mum to two gorgeous teenage sons, and shares her home with both them, and a very supportive husband. They have always encouraged her to follow her dreams. She has always loved books from her childhood years reading alongside her father, inheriting his love of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. She has combined this with her love of MM romance to write her series Avanti Chronicles. She loves writing about a complex world where the men love, and live, hard. Welcome to the world of MM Sci-Fi.



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