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ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Moon, by Iris Sword

QSFer Iris Sword has a new MM sci fi romance out, book one in the Delta Rangers series: “Delta Moon.”

Space Rangers Xa’baar Ilaura and Haltrax Vuron, of the ice planet Deltrax, are tired of policing the universe. They’ve spent years roaming the stars searching for adventure. Now, near the end of their last prime, the Rangers are desperate to find a lover.

Xa’baar swore he’d never sign up for an intergalactic mate. Haltrax is wary of expanding their union. On Tieqiú 9, indentured miner Victorio Chu is searching for an escape route. Sparks fly and tensions simmer, as Xa’baar, Haltrax, and Victorio come together during a harsh Deltraxan winter.

Delta Moon is an erotic mpreg ménage à trois alien romance novella.

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Deltrax, Sector VX19
Space Ranger Headquarters

A bright purple mist, Xa’baar’s corona, surrounded his body. It was distressed, jagged, nothing like the soothing aura that usually enveloped the ranger. In a way, Haltrax was right. The mayvruen could have lied. Belima’ar could be misrepresenting himself. But what choice did that have? They’d already tried and failed many times to mate one of their own kind to produce a child. Xa’baar placed his hand right below his stomach. His womb was dying or already dead. With the population dwindling at an unprecedented rate, it was already common to see unions of five or more amongst the tribes of Deltrax. He and Haltrax had unionized out of necessity as much as they did out of love. Intertribal unions were the only ones that bore fruit anymore, and there’s had failed. This prime could very well be their last shot. True, if their new mate didn’t produce, Xa’baar and Haltrax could enter the dreaded barren years where their seed dried up and coronas waned. Torn apart by the laws of their land, loneliness would eat away at their spirits, absorbed into the periphery of an oversized union. As the old saying went, a heart can love endlessly, but the body grows weak. Regardless of all the unknowns, Xa’baar refused to let his aspirations be ground into dust by Haltrax’s negativity. He’d fought for years to keep their union together, hoping against all reason.

“They won’t separate us…not without a fight.” Xa’baar turned back around so he could look up at the holograph once more. In Belima’ar, Xa’baar longed for a mate, a companion, and if he dared to say it, a new friend. But he would take what he could get, as long as he produced an heir.

Hurry, Belima’ar, we are waiting for you, and we need you now more than ever before.

Author Bio

Iris Sword writes speculative LGBTQIA+ romance (horror, science fiction, and fantasy). Want the latest news? Sign up for her newsletter below!


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