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ANNOUNCEMENT: Detours Through Liminal Space Anthology

Detours Through Liminal Space

QSFer Jim Comer has a MM sci fi story out in an MM anthology:

Detours Through Liminal Space brings to you 8 all-new, original science fiction tales with a distinctly LGBTQIA twist. Penned by 8 talented authors from across the country, this collection includes:

Haldis Grummel’s “Cassissi Dancer” in which a lonely space traveler finds unexpected companionship with a beautiful dancer on a faraway planet.

Peter Saenz’s “All in a Day’s Work” in which all is not what it seems when a jaded private-eye on Space Station Alpha is lured into danger by a jealous wife—and the woman’s husband unexpectedly comes to his aid.

J. Comer’s “Tracks” in which a man sets out to retrieve his missing husband who is being held captive in an enemy encampment.

E. Robert Dunn’s “The Life of Another” in which a man finds himself trapped inside the body of a stranger.

David Berger’s “The Long Way Home” in which two men fighting on opposite sides of a great war find common ground on a distant planet, and much, much more.

Guy Lozier’s “Illuminated” in which a homophobic Senator learns a hard lesson about the price of intolerance.

D.C. Phillips’ “Onboarding” in which a young woman learns that there are worse things in this world than unemployment.

David D. Warner’s “Socrates” in which a home-based AI system decides to lend a helping hand.


Author Bio

Jim is a writer and schoolteacher.


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