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Announcement: Dream Oblivion, by Hayden Chance

Dream Oblivion, by Hayden ChanceQSFer Hayden Chance has a book announcement:

Enter the Dream, lovers…

Life too rough? Wanna get high, baby? How about some O? Vitamin-O? Kay-O? Or do you prefer to call it just plain Oblivion? It’s the drug that’ll give you want you need. Better than sex and sweeter than life. It’s sour and stinks, but you’ll never notice. It’ll take the sting out of your existence. And this New World stings, baby. It’s 2075 and life is dark and rotten, but sugary like old cake, and lit up with colored lights like a carnival dream.

Society’s divided between two classes: Privilegeds and Unders. And you’d better know your place, baby. Or else it’s termination for you.

What’s that? You say you can’t handle it? That’s OK, lover. We all want to escape. And luckily there’s the Oblivion Dream… Where your inner world comes to life, and you forget. And maybe, for a just a moment, you feel alive. Good thing it’s sanctioned by the New World Government, The Cause.

And then there’s Mechs. Oh you don’t want to forget the Mechs! Android lovers. Oh, how hot they are! Synthetic life. Tech and sex. To fulfill your needs. That is, if you can afford them.

See, love is illegal now, except with Mechs. And why wouldn’t it be, baby? We asked The Cause to regulate it for us ‘cause we needed security. To be protected from those big, bad feelings that are classified now as a disease.

All men are not created equal. So in the midst of this dark, new world nightmare, John Thayer decided to level the playing field. Blinded by the pain of his existed and aching for love, he struggles against The Cause to change his lot. Join him on his adventure to break the chains that bind him as strong as any O-dream and prove that one man can make a difference in changing the world.

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Author Bio

Hayden ChanceHayden Chance was born with the insane notion that he came here to bring magic back into the world. At 30 he discovered, much to his chagrin, that there was not a world of enchantment living behind the dusty shelves of University offices and libraries the way children’s books had sworn there was. What did live there was mold, contact dermatitis, angry women who hated Shakespeare for being a man and pale introverts with non-gender specific names who liked vegetarian Pad Thai.

Unimpressed by these discoveries he decided to leave teaching forever and strike out for a life of adventure! He believes in showing the numinous behind the mundane. The mystical in the everyday lives of men and women (and animals). And he believes that truth is best received wrapped in a tortilla of laughter. (Did you like that poetic imagery?). He is a Virgo, is vehemently against political correctness and knows how to kill in three seconds. Seven seconds if he hasn’t had his coffee yet.

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