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ANNOUNCEMENT: Enzor and the Volcano – Stephen J. Wolf

Enzor and the Volcano - Stephen J. Wolf

QSFer Stephen J. Wolf has a new queer choose your own ending fantasy book out: “Enzor and the Volcano.”

A teen with a dream… A volcano in his way…

Enzor is a young teen about to take a trial so he can become a master of fire magic. He must travel through a volcano and claim a prize at the end.

Along the way, Enzor encounters various challenges. Can he survive a fire golem? Can he cross a river of lava?

He can’t do it alone. He needs your help. Select Enzor’s actions in this Choose-the-Fate story. Guide Enzor through the volcano and to his destiny.

With over a dozen endings, you can enjoy the journey multiple times. Can you guide Enzor towards mastery?

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Author Bio

Stephen J. Wolf is a middle school science teacher with a PhD in science education and a penchant for fantasy books, movies, and video games. Stephen started writing in eighth grade when his English teacher challenged the class to craft three different scenes. One scene focused on a person. A second highlighted a location. And the third detailed an object. In the moment of the quick-fire writing prompts, Wolf linked all three tasks together and created his first short story. The following year he created his first novella, then expanded it to a trilogy, growing as a writer along the way. 

Wolf has a five-book fantasy series available on Amazon. Details can be found at 

Wolf opted to learn JavaScript coding and created a book to educate others. “Coding for Kids: Learn JavaScript: Build the Room Adventure Game” guides the reader through the steps needed to make a choose-your-own-adventure game, walking through a house to gather items and fix things that are broken. The setting can be adapted to a fantasy realm, a space station, or wherever your imagine may take you. A second JavaScript coding book, “Build Mini Apps” is coming soon. 

Stephen lives in New York with his partner, Kevin, and their cats, Merlin and Monty. 


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