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Announcement: Eternal, by Marie Brown

EternalQSFer Marie Brown has a new Sci Fi book out:

In a future where the Eternal Empire has ruled unchallenged for seven thousand years, two exiles meet and start their journey down a road that will change history forever.


Kai clutched the controls of the Chaos Rider far tighter than needful, as
the space schooner darted towards the upper atmosphere and his home burned
beneath him. Some of the smoke had gotten into the gondola, before the
containment fields abruptly sprang to life. Jericho. Good. He’d been half
afraid the mage would fall off the swaying rope ladder, rather than make
it safely aboard. That sort of accident would fit perfectly with the
disastrous turn the day had taken. If he were superstitious, he’d count
this as reprisal for last night.

At least they’d gotten away. The beautiful villa was nothing but flames,
he’d spotted at least three of his former staff laying dead inside, and he
felt like someone had ripped his heart right out of him, but both he and
Jer were safely away.

For the first time in years, he felt unsafe in the completely unarmed
civilian luxury craft. Understandable, perhaps, but rather disorienting.

He’d never been one to rely on big guns for survival. True, there were
guns present on the schooner, but only of the handheld variety. The ship
itself mounted no defenses against any kind of attack. What if the
bastards in the armed racing boat decided to come after them? They likely
had weapons other than bombs aboard, and the space schooner was nothing
but a big, fat, defenseless target waddling through the atmosphere.

But maybe they’d make it. No sign of pursuit so far, and slow though it
was, at least compared to Legion craft, the schooner had already reached
the upper atmosphere.

Only to run straight into a trap.


A single craft, sleek and deadly, came streaking in from out of nowhere,
energy weapons blazing. Caught completely by surprise, in an unarmed
pleasure boat, Kai could do nothing except try to keep control of the helm
as the antique schooner shuddered under the merciless fire of the attack
craft marked with red and gold. The colors of the Imperial Legion.

Someone really wants you dead this time, Kai thought, struggling grimly to
control his heaving ship. Laser blasts tore through spell and wood alike.

He should’ve known there’d be a highrider, aloft to guard any possible
escape route. But how could he know? There’d been no indication that the
Legion was involved in this attack. None. Not even a hint.

Three passes the attacker made, firing on each run. Kai had never, ever
even once considered he might be on the receiving end of Legion fire.

Do you even know who I am, you fuckers?

The thought was ludicrous. He knew it, even as it happened. Of course they
knew who he was, who he had been. That was the whole point of this deadly

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Author Bio

“Marie Brown has lived in many locations across the United States, but
spends most of her time exploring the realms of imagination. Currently
located in Colorado, her brief moments of free time are spent in front of
her computer, frequently covered in cats.”


Yeah, okay, that’s all true. But I’m tired of hiding behind a bland,
third-person pseudo-bio, utterly lacking in personality.

Hi! I’m Marie Brown, and I write a lot. I self-publish through Smashwords
and Amazon because I got tired of getting “well-written, but not our
thing” rejection letters. Because, you see, most of my fiction tends to
include characters that are either bi or just plain homosexual, and
despite increasing acceptance of human sexuality and its many variations
across the world, heroes and heroines are still supposed to be straight.
Well, mine aren’t. So if you’re brave, and you don’t mind that the main
character of a story either isn’t interested in sex at all, or is quite
likely to hop in bed with someone of the same gender, then give my
writings a chance. Come explore my fantasy worlds, or my science fiction
worlds, or even spend some time with an occasional random love story set
on Earth.

And by the way, just this once, I wrote this entire blurb without a cat on
my keyboard.

My website: the Evil Kitten Project

My blog: ball o’ yarn






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