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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Apollo’s Secret, by A.Y. Venona

QSFer A.Y. Venona has a new MM sci fi/fantasy book out: Apollo’s Secret.

Jason Dyeus searches for his missing father in the world whose existence is kept from him. Or is it the other way around? In this world, he is prepared to fight the enemies who may have imprisoned his father, but he does not expect to face the one he may not be strong enough to defeat—the truth about who he really is. Sometimes in life, there are secrets that are better left buried.  

Alexander Brunn does not only have a new captain he does not respect, but he also has a new fiancé forced upon him by the almighty gods. He can always say no, of course, but not when the gods threaten to bring chaos to the entire world. Why are the gods behaving as though their very existence is closely tied to whomever Alexander sleep? 

Jason’s and Alexander’s paths are set to cross as designed by the fates. Should they embrace their destiny? Or should they run away from it? 

Apollo’s Secret, the Second Edition, contains spoilers from the first book, the Soul Spell, and is in the same universe as Alpha Academy series. 

It is an m/m fantasy mpreg romance set on an alternate Earth where the supernatural creatures are real and the ordinary (non-shifter, non-fae) humans are the myths. 

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A.Y. is giving away an eBook copy of “Soul Spell” with this post. Comment below for a chance to win.


Unlike the other bars that Jason had explored, Eclipse was quaint and smoke-free as any smoking activity was restricted to the balcony, an open-air section of the club. He really did not have any plan for tonight, though he was still hoping that Fid would finally show up. Other than the wine, he was also fascinated by Eclipse’s music choices; and if there was nothing else, at least he could have this to enjoy. He returned his attention to the band playing at the moment. The sound of the violin playing floated in the air and was then later joined by the piano in an orchestral melding of grandiose yet melancholic music, a fitting background to Jason’s somber mood. 

“Is this seat taken?”

Without looking toward the speaker, he answered, “Go away.”

But the stranger ignored his request and instead sauntered around him and took a seat across from him.  

“If you’re planning to get wasted tonight, at least get wasted on the best wine Eclipse can offer,” the stranger said. He nodded toward the waiter who then approached their table. “Phil, may I have a bottle of Alexander, please?” His gaze returned to Jason. 

Jason was staring at this stranger with an open mouth and a heart ready to burst out of his chest, for this stranger who dared to go against his wish had eyes that could transfix mere mortals and the face meant to be worshipped. He was the most beautiful person Jason had ever laid his eyes on. And so he stared, unable to form a single word to say. Fortunately, the stranger was oblivious of his effect on Jason.

The waiter came back with the bottle. The stranger graciously took it and poured two glasses for them. He gave one to Jason who was at the moment trying to re-learn how his body parts worked. 

“Trust me, it’s good,” the stranger said, and then he did something that made Jason’s breath hitch. The stranger smirked at him. 

After regaining his composure, Jason downed a couple of shots and was surprised at how good the wine was. One more shot and the glass was empty.  

“So?” the beautiful stranger said.

“I admit, it tastes really good,” Jason said. 

“Just good? It should taste marvelous. So what brings you here to this side of town?” 

“I’m searching for someone.”

“I think we all are,” the stranger said, his golden-green eyes gleaming against the dim light of the club. “Will my presence suffice for a moment?” His pretty mouth curved into a half-smile. 

Jason was not stupid. He knew what this beautiful stranger was saying. So he stood up and nodded toward the door. The stranger stood as well and together they left the club.

Author Bio

A.Y. Venona had her first taste of a writing bliss in fifth grade from selling comics penciled-drawn on the back of the recycled sheets of paper given by her uncle to practice her handwriting. Ever since then, writing becomes her addiction. She feels unfulfilled if she does not get to write for a day, but she feels the sense of euphoria if she accomplishes her daily writing word count. Yup, it’s an addiction. But this one, she has no desire to be cured. 


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10 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Apollo’s Secret, by A.Y. Venona”

  1. Sounds really good. I love fanatasy, it has always been one of my favourite genres, since discovered it with the Lord of the Rings when I was fourteen (long, long time ago… LOL)

    • Thanks. The book is a fantasy-scifi. The book is in the same vein as Games of Throne with a little spice of Star Wars.

    • Thanks. Although Apollo’s Secret is the last book of the Omega Curse, the future books will be set in the same universe with the ‘new gods.’ :)


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