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ANNOUNCEMENT: graphic noiz manga 2, by Natsuya Uesugi

graphic noiz manga 2

QSFer Natsuya Uesugi has a new MM sci fi Yaoi book out:

The nineteen year old, amateur manga artist Noiz is partnering with bestselling science fiction writer Shiro Ijima to create the Fissure manga. As work on the manga continues at a fever pitch to meet the publisher’s deadline, the writer persists on teasing the artist making subtle advances then pulling back harshly. Shiro’s aloofness only feeds the insecure artist’s attraction. When Noiz is beaten by punks for being gay, the encounter sends Shiro to the streets of New York City fueled by a past addiction that ends up ruining his reputation. A depressed Shiro seeks out his former mentor, Katsuhiro Watanabe, but it comes with a price bringing back bad memories, manipulation and lies. Can a jealous Noiz finish illustrating the next chapter of the Fissure manga by the deadline without destroying his relationship with Shiro now that Katsuhiro has returned?

author bio: Natsuya Uesugi is a systems analyst for high tech industry by day with an MBA in International Management and minor in Japanese, but his nights are fueled by his writing and art. He is illustrator and creator of the graphic noiz YA yaoi novels and manga, the author of 8 scifi novels in the grydscaen series, and has released book 1 of The Seer of Grace and Fire dark fantasy trilogy. As art director for the cyberpunk short anime series grydscaen: A Storm’s Coming based on his short story and manga, the manga is being used by 5 counseling centers to promote self esteem amoungst LGBT teens. He is also creator of the grydscaen RPG Trading Card game and Tarot deck. Natsuya enjoys anime, cosplay, skydiving, watching French news, reading manga in Japanese, eating ramen and anything with matcha, and writing poetry.



With this post, Natsuya is giving away an eBook copy of  “grydscaen: Rogue” –  cyberpunk science fiction – comment below for a chance to win.


Shiro inquired. “They have Mangaka Studio? Wow, is that like an art program or something to help you draw?” Shiro put his hand on the mouse and started moving it around looking at the different tools in the program.

Noiz let him hover for a moment and then came over and placed his hand over Shiro’s on the mouse. “Let me show you.” Noiz moved the mouse with Shiro’s hand underneath. He leaned in gently and moved the device slowly as he went to the file menu and opened a file, the cover of Disaster Code volume 1. “You can use the program to colour the black and white line art. Just scan and import it, or draw it directly on the tablet. It populates into the program. It is much easier that way. A lot of artists use the tablet but for me I find it stifling trying to draw on the tablet and translate that in my head to the screen. I like paper, pencil and ink better.”

Noiz lingered with his hand over Shiro’s. He felt Shiro’s body as his pelvis pushed closer towards Noiz. The unstated desire between them hung heavy in the air.

Noiz removed his hand off Shiro’s and sat back at the drafting table as Shiro hung around looking at the cover image on the monitor. He lingered then continued to walk around as Noiz was drawing. The statue of Vincent from Fissure was on a shelf with 10 volumes of Shiro’s old manga Dawn. There was even the tenth Japanese volume. Keita had procured them for Noiz to use as reference into Shiro’s art style. Book one of Dawn was open at the side of the drafting table and there was a coffee cup holding the pages open, the spine cracked so the book remained flat. Shiro picked up the coffee cup setting it aside. He stood behind Noiz’s shoulder as he was drawing. There was a Tarot card deck sitting in the corner of the drafting table, the cards discarded in a lose pile next to a five card spread in the shape of a pentagon. Shiro touched the cards causing Noiz to turn his head concerned Shiro would move the cards from their present configuration. Noiz had just done a divination reading and left the cards in position.

Noiz felt Shiro’s body heat close to his shoulder. He kept drawing blocking in details on Vincent’s outfit with the hilt of the gun blade over his shoulder. Noiz closed his eyes reminiscing as he smelled Shiro’s cologne.

Shiro put his hand down next to the page Noiz was drawing and leaned in. Shiro’s breathing a gentle puff at Noiz’ ear. He whispered putting his lips close. “Come to my condo at five. I have a surprise for you.”

The musky pine scent of the cologne filtered over the desk as Shiro lifted his hand and put it on Noiz’ shoulder. The two of them held in silence. Noiz hesitated. He wanted to react. This physical game they were playing was all very new to him.

Shiro stood back up and removed his hand as his phone rang. He took a step away and walked to the door of the studio which was not as cluttered. He put his back to Noiz facing the door as he pulled the phone out of his pocket. “Yes. Hi Keita. I can be right there. It will take me about fifteen minutes to get to the literary agency. Can I just call you? I really don’t want to make the trek.”

Shiro hung up and turned back to Noiz. “Thanks for letting me stop by. I think you have a good setup here. A little too messy for my taste, and you better take the trash out or that Chinese food is going to smell. It is already stinking up the place. I am surprised you can’t smell it.” Shiro laughed then left out the door.

Noiz leaned in the chair and it rolled back a few inches. He brought his arms up over his head and bent his elbows. What game are we playing?

Author Bio

author/illustrator of the cyberpunk grydscaen series and manga, the yaoi novellas and manga graphic noiz, and the dark fantasy trilogy The Seer of Grace and Fire.

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  1. I love Cyberpunk and I’m trying to get more into Manga and Anime because I help run an Anime convention. This looks amazing!


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