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Announcement – Hellmaw: Of the Essence, by Gabrielle Harbowy

Hellmaw: Of the EssenceGabrielle Harbowy has a new FF paranormal book out:

When a powerful daemon is murdered on modern-day Earth, all signs point in the same direction: to Tehru, the daemon who was his direct enemy throughout the dynastic war on Araunt. But Tehru knows that someone else has access to her own unique power: Quills, a back-alley magic dealer who once took a sample of Tehru’s essence as payment.

Now the murdered daemon’s followers are coming after Tehru for retribution, and Quills has to track down the real killer and clear her client’s name. If she doesn’t solve the murder in time, she’ll be the one who takes the fall.

Hellmaw: Book Seven

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Author Bio

Gabrielle Harbowy is the managing editor at Dragon Moon Press and a submissions editor at the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine. Her short fiction can be found in several anthologies, including Carbide Tipped Pens, and she coedited the When the Hero Comes Home anthology series with Ed Greenwood.


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