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Announcement: Henri, by Edward Kendrick

HenriQSFer Edward Kendrick has a new paranormal thriller out:

Allyn and Ransom’s new friend coywolf shifter, Henri, has been hiding at Allyn and Madeline’s house to avoid an insane abductor. Finally deciding he’ll be hostage to his fears no more, Henri enlists his friends to help him lure the maniacal murderer into the open so they can catch him, once and for all. They have to get his attention and a ritzy outdoor party thrown by gallery owner Taegan Sauvage is just the place.

Taegan doesn’t realize, when he meets his friends at the party, that the man accompanying them will awaken his protective urges. Being a shifter too, he joins the group in their effort to end the threat on Henri’s life. What he didn’t plan was a serious attachment to Henri.

Will the attraction between Henri and Taegan have a chance to grow or will their search end in death for one or both of them?

Book Two in the To Catch a Kidnapper series – books should be read in order.


Henri stood on the third floor balcony of Miranda and Allyn’s mansion, looking wistfully toward the skyline of New Orleans. He missed the freedom of being able to go there whenever he pleased. He hadn’t been able to since the day he’d escaped from Xavier’s clutches. He had thought it would be safe in the city, when he’d became a “pet dog” in the home of Mrs Graham and her children.

“At least they thought I was a dog,” he said under his breath, “and it served me well for the time I was there.” Then Xavier and his man had found him.

Henri shuddered as he always did when he remembered how the two men had slaughtered the woman and her children because of him. He had narrowly escaped then was offered sanctuary on Allyn Warwick’s estate.

I’ve been here six months and I have no idea if Xavier is still searching for me or if he’s finally given up.

“You’re in a blue study,” Miranda said from the balcony doorway.

Henri turned to smile ruefully at her. “I suppose I am.”

“How did the hunt go?” she asked, joining him at the railing. “My brother, of course, hasn’t bothered to check in to tell me.”

Chuckling, Henri replied, “I suspect he had more pressing things on his mind–like Ransom. The hunt went well. We found the remaining pack members–all two of them, at this point, I’m afraid–and convinced them to move to a safe area Allyn knew about. Then we drew the hunters away before those two were killed as well.”

“Fantastic. Allyn says you’re a wonderful asset.”

Henri bowed his head, embarrassed. “I’m…trying to be.”

She hugged him, just as her husband came onto the balcony.

“There you are,” John said. “Should I be jealous?”

Miranda laughed. “Nope. You’re the only man for me and always will be.”

“I know.” He walked to her side, ruffling her hair, eliciting a growl from her. Then he studied Henri. “Something wrong?”

Henri shrugged. “Nothing I can do anything about.”

John seemed to understand what he meant because he said, “Surely it’s safe for you to venture out now…more than just to accompany Allyn on his jaunts to save the wolves.”

“I keep telling myself it should be,” Henri replied. “Then I think about what will happen if I’m wrong.”

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Author Bio

Born and bred Cleveland, I earned a degree in technical theater and headed to NYC. Finally seeing the futility of trying to become rich and famous in the Big Apple, I joined VISTA, ending up in Chicago for three years. Then it was on to Denver where I put down roots and worked as a costume designer until recently.

I began writing five years ago after joining an on-line fanfic group. Two friends and I then started a group for where writers may post any story they wish. I’ve now branched out into writing on my own, primarily m/m stories, both erotic and just ‘romantic’, for publication.


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