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ANNOUNCEMENT: Invisible Soft Return:\, by Roberta Degnore

Invisible Soft Return:\

QSFer Roberta Degnore has a new lesbian sci fi book out:

What if you are forced to be more than you ever dreamed? And there’s a cosmic gun pointed at your head to make sure you’ll do it. Murderer or creator? That’s Evet’s choice in the 23rd Century…

Evet is a boundary-testing writer in the future who is attacked from the past. Accused of murder, she races to escape an alluring police torturer and her own crisscrossing identities that everyone seems to know better than she does. In a lonely cosmos with the latest drugs, she rebels in the oldest way: she fights against getting caught.

But when she’s forced to know other lives, the wind of eternity stops her. She learns the terror that an ultimate power may be hers: control over life and death.


Author Bio

Roberta Degnore is the author of twelve earlier-published novels (romances under pseudonyms currently being re-issued, slowly, with her name).
Her new books, Invisible Soft Return: and Until You See Me, are definitely dark and not like those early novels. While her work definitely spans a range of genres the fact remains all her work heads for the edge, no matter what the focus.

Her latest book is the reissue of The Assistance of Vice –the story of a woman in the early 1980s New York downtown scene when drugs were easy and AIDS wasn’t yet what it became.

Website: http://www.robertadegnore.com


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