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Announcement: Levitation, by R.L. McDaniel

LevitationAmber Quill author RL McDaniel has a new paranormal book out:

lmost one year ago, and just a few short decades following the most recent Uprising led by a terrorist group known as the NoMads, fifteen-year-old Nic McCready witnesses his older brother, Rollins, being arrested for using his telekinetic powers. The government, which has made it illegal to perform such acts in public, refers to these individuals as “Teles,” and warns the general public on a daily basis about the dangers of these people. Like his older brother, Nic is also a Tele forced to protect his true identity, living a lie in an anti-Tele world.

After Nic uses telekinesis to save two children from an out-of-control car, he is arrested and taken to a top secret government Tele training facility off the coast of Sol. At this base, doctors are actively installing microchips into teens, ultimately controlling their minds and their telekinetic abilities. The government’s goal is to build a super army of Teles in order to combat terrorists living within the country’s borders.

Nic has only one mission once he reaches the Compound—to escape. That is, until he discovers that Rollins is being held captive there as well, along with meeting and falling for a fellow recruit named Ria.

Can Nic find a way to escape the Compound with the people he loves, along with saving the day for all of mankind? Or will he face a lifetime of misery and hardship being a Tele soldier in the government’s army?


A blast from one of the soldiers’ guns below begets a gaping hole in the ceiling only a couple of feet away from where I cower. The explosion shakes me and pushes me even farther back into the cramped tunnel we just crawled through, allowing the darkness to swallow me whole. Instead of slithering myself back out toward the hallway––the dead end––I squeeze myself into an even smaller tunnel that opens up to my left.


Light shoots out behind me, the blasts following me into my new tunnel. The fresh hole illuminates my new passageway, enough for me to see that it widens out ahead. I’m able to get back down onto my hands and knees, stealthily crawling toward…who knows what.

Boom! Boom!

Two more mortars go off at the same time behind me, but I only see a single hole. I pause and stare over my shoulder, looking back into the light. The other shot must have been directed toward a different tunnel. That can only mean one thing––they don’t know where I am.

“We lost him, Commander.” I clearly hear the deep, mechanical voice somewhere below me. There is silence as the FootSoldier waits for further instructions.

I place my ear against the tunnel floor.

“Launch the Tocsins, soldier.”

“Launching the Tocsins, Commander.”

Before I even have time to react, four more explosions go off in all directions around me, one after the other.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

At first there is an ominous silence, but it only lasts for a second at the most. It’s overpowered by an immediate silver light illuminating the entire tunnel where I lay helplessly. A piercing, high-pitched ringing follows that takes over the entire air duct. I close my one open eye and attempt to lift my head, but I can’t even force myself to do that. A deafening, screeching sound has filled my entire body. I’m paralyzed. I try to lift my head off the tunnel floor again, but it feels like it weighs a thousand pounds.

I force open my eye, and the tunnel is spinning. I see double, triple everything. Move, I order myself. My head lolls to the side, and I can sense my lunch from earlier wanting to make another appearance. My head feels like it’s about to implode. I squeeze out a tiny, low groan while still attempting to cup both of my hands over my ears in agony. I lose my balance; my head bangs up against the side of the tunnel wall.

I freeze.

I just gave myself away…

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Author Bio

Born and raised in Florida, R. L. McDaniel currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida, where he has been teaching language arts to middle school students for the past eleven years. He enjoys playing the guitar and writing in his free time. The Big Hoot is R. L. McDaniel’s first published release.


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