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Announcement: Love Spanks Anthology

Love SpanksQSFer Anastasia Vitsky is in a new FF romance anthology that includes some spec fic pieces, part of the Seasonal Spankings series:

Seasonal Spankings is a four-year tradition of authors coming together to share excerpts of their work, offer prizes, and interact with readers. Love Spanks, the first weekend in February, focuses on F/F fiction. Sci Spanks (June 12-14 for 2015) includes all pairings within the broad range of speculative fiction. For more information, find Anastasia Vitsky at Governing Ana ( or on Facebook. If you are interested in writing for Sci Spanks this year, please send her a sample of your writing for consideration. Thank you!

The Snow Liger by Jae

Like most cats, liger shifter Griffin hates winter…until her human mate Jorie asks her to help with the research for a love scene she’s trying to write.

Mistress on Her Knees by Anastasia Vitsky
When a Domme loves a Domme, strange things can happen. When a Domme loves a Domme who is her former submissive and cheated with her best friend, all of the usual fun with handcuffs turns into something darker.

Sweet Sherrie by Louisa Bacio

There’s nothing quite as sweet as two friends, tussling between the sheets. The “shy one” Sherrie wants to explore a physical relationship, but not before teaching her sorority sister bestie Desiree a few lessons on teasing.

Learning to Trust by Olivia Starke

Cookie making gets naughty when Madeline surprises her fiancée, Casey, with some sweet treats.

The Briefcase by Sara Daniel
Sadie is on a mission to deliver an important briefcase for her boss, Rhea, whom she’s lusted after forever. But an emergency changes Sadie’s plans, and suddenly she is trying to keep a horde of well-meaning friends from prying the briefcase out of her hands. When the shocking contents spill out at the worst possible moment, much more than Sadie’s job is at stake.

Bank Shot by Geonn Cannon

A bartender offers refuge to a woman fleeing a bad date during a storm. When the lights go out, they pass the time with a game of pool with very interesting stakes.

Just Desserts by Tara Quan

After messing up in a big way, Allison Chen attempts to bribe her lover with a box of cupcakes. Felicity has a far more delicious form of restitution in mind—one involving a crop, camera, and vibrating toy.

Spanking Sidney by Leigh Ellwood

Kit loves women, loves sex…and now she loves spanking.

Just Chaps by Alyssa Linn Palmer

Biker Alex suggests to her girlfriend Elly that she ought to wear leather chaps with nothing underneath, but Elly needs some convincing.

Discovery by Anne Ferrer Odom

When friendship is your greatest temptation, love is your enemy. What will Madison do, now that her love for Harper has become more than she can handle?

Accidental Date by Erik Schubach

Angela Sutter was waiting for her math tutor to arrive. When Kennedi shows up, misunderstandings snowball and Angel finds herself in a situation she never expected.

The First of Many by Caitlin Ricci and Cari Z
Danny was looking forward to celebrating her one month anniversary with her domme Lucy. She wasn’t expecting there to be a test, though.

Gold Rush by Cathy Pegau

A rough and tumble gold miner and a prim assayer find love in the 1890 Nome AK gold rush.

Terci’s Dream by Kate Richards

The Domme of Terci’s dreams appears in a dream…in a dungeon, where the third door is always theirs. Can an author’s fantasies come true or are they destined to stay between the pages of her bestselling books?

Dating Storm by Victoria Cobretti

Who knew that dating a Gargoyle could be so tough? Well, Maggie and Kalila are about to find out that when you are dating a Gargoyle, sometimes you have to settle for the unconventional dates.

Love in Disguise by Jessica E. Subject
Aeria dreads the coming of Valentine’s Day, especially after being dumped two days earlier. Can a sexy android show her how much fun the day can be and all that she’s been missing in her search for a lover?

“You’re watching too many YouTube videos,” Griffin grumbled.

Jorie winked at her. “It’s called doing research when you’re a writer. I need your help with that, by the way.”

“Watching YouTube videos?”

“Doing research.”

“Oh, no problem. I’m always willing to help with that.” Eagerly, Griffin started to unbutton her shirt.

Transfixed, Jorie watched the path of her fingers downward. When the shirt was half open, she shook herself out of her daze. “Uh, what are you doing?”

Griffin’s fingers paused on the next button. “I thought you wanted me to shift shape so you can measure my liger form for a description of your main character?”

Her gaze lingering on Griffin’s chest, Jorie shook her head. “Oh, no. Remember what happened the last time you helped me research like that?” She formed quotation marks with her fingers.

A purr rumbled up Griffin’s chest. Oh, yeah. She remembered it well. They hadn’t gotten around to Griffin shifting shape and Jorie measuring her, and no more writing had gotten done that day.

“Stop grinning like the cat that got the canary,” Jorie said but didn’t sound as if she really minded.

Griffin’s purr became even louder, and her grin broadened. “I’m grinning like the cat that got the writer.”

Jorie lightly slapped her on one broad shoulder.

Griffin snarled, but it sounded more like a purr than a threat. “Careful, human.”

“Or what?” Jorie stepped closer and pulled Griffin down until they were nearly nose to nose.

Her dark eyes glittered, challenging, teasing, promising.

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