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ANNOUNCEMENT: Loving Kit, by L.M. Brown

Loving Kit

QSFer L.M. Brown has a new MMM sci fi book out:

Logan McRae never expected to see two aliens when he woke from cryogenic sleep. He has lost his ship and his people and he questions whether he has lost his mind. As he gets to know Halor and Kit he realises he might just lose his heart as well.

Logan expected to wake on the spacecraft Mercury, ready to pilot the ship down to New Earth. Instead he comes out of cryogenic stasis to find he is on another ship with two alien beings, neither of whom can understand anything he says. Unfortunately, they are all the help he has if he wants to find his people and resume his journey.

Kit doesn’t know what sort of creature he has accidentally purchased, but it is definitely male and isn’t so very different from him and his lover, Halor. The language barrier might be a problem, but Kit knows the language of love doesn’t always need words.

Prince Halor of the Hawk Clan has always been reluctant to expand his nest beyond himself and Kit, but it is obvious from the start that his feline lover is attracted to their unexpected guest. Halor will do anything to give Kit the happiness he deserves, even invite another man into their bed.

Logan has no idea that Kit isn’t quite like other men until their passion results in unexpected consequences. Now he must choose between his mission and the two men who have given him everything he ever wanted, as well as things he never dreamed of.

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“All right,” Halor said once the upload had begun. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong, now that we’re alone?”

Kit, curled up in Logan’s recently vacated chair, shrugged. “There’s nothing wrong.”

“You are a truly dreadful liar. So, why don’t we try that again?”

Kit gave him a huge and obviously fake grin. “There’s nothing wrong,” he repeated with an over-abundance of cheerfulness.

“Kit, don’t lie to me.” Halor turned his chair to face Kit directly. “You and Logan have been acting strangely ever since we took off. I don’t know him well enough to demand answers, but I do know you. Something is bothering you and I want to know what.”

Halor left his chair and knelt at the foot of Kit’s seat. “Kit, baby, we’ve not had secrets from each other since our first night in the summerhouse. You made me a promise that night, Kit. You promised me honesty and I’m holding you to that promise today. Now, tell me what’s wrong?”

Kit rubbed at his face and Halor realised he was wiping away tears. “Kit, whatever it is, you can tell me.”

Halor stood and tugged Kit to his feet so he could take his place in the chair and pull Kit down onto his lap. “Talk to me, baby.”

Kit sniffled. “Please don’t be angry with me.”


“Promise me.”

Halor stroked Kit’s fur and looked him right in the eyes. “I promise.”

Kit buried his face in Halor’s neck and gave a soft mewling sob. “I had sex with Logan.”

Halor didn’t need to ask for clarification as to what Kit meant by that. Halor had watched Kit take Logan, claiming him in the feline manner. If Kit was upset now, it could mean only one thing. “Oh.”

“You promised not to be angry,” Kit whispered.

“I’m not,” Halor said, and he wasn’t. “But why did you feel you couldn’t tell me?”

Kit’s answer was barely audible with his face still buried in Halor’s neck.

“What was that?” Halor asked.

“You were supposed to be my first,” Kit said. “It’s the one thing we’ve never done, and you’ve been so patient with me, so understanding. Now I’ve ruined it.”

“No, Kit, you haven’t ruined anything.”

“But what if…?”

Halor shushed him with a finger over his lips. “If you are, we’ll deal with it.”

Kit sniffled again. “I don’t even remember it.”

“Logan’s cream?”

“Yes, what else? I drank so much that I don’t even remember my first time.”

“There’ll be other times,” Halor said. “So, now I know what the matter is with you, do you want to fill me in on why Logan is distancing himself from us?”

“That’s my fault, too,” Kit admitted quietly. “I asked him not to tell you what we’d done. I made him promise, but he’s like you. He doesn’t believe there should be secrets between lovers.”

“He’s right.”

“I know, but I was scared.”

“Oh, Kit, have I ever given you any reason to be frightened of me?”

Kit shook his head.

“Then why couldn’t you talk to me about this?”

“I know you wanted to be my first in all things. I’ve made you wait all this time and for what? So another man could take your place.”

“Logan hasn’t taken my place,” Halor said.

“But we—”

Halor kissed Kit to halt his words. “Logan is part of our nest—a permanent member, I hope. Sooner or later, one of us was always going to be your first, and from the moment we took him into our bed, the possibility was there that it would be him rather than me. Logan being with us means things are likely to change. There are matters we must talk about, all three of us. I had intended for us to wait until Logan had made his decision, but I see now that was wrong. As soon as Logan has finished what he needs to do on board the ship, we’re going to have those talks, and one of the discussions will be about you and why you don’t allow men to penetrate you.”

“Too late now,” Kit muttered.

Author Bio

L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances. She believes that there is nothing hotter or sweeter than two men in love with each other…unless it is three.

When L.M. Brown isn’t bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.

She loves hearing from readers and can be contacted via her website or by email.



Email: [email protected]


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