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ANNOUNCEMENT: Magic Hour, by Meco Brown

Magic Hour

QSFer Meco Brown has a new MM paranormal book out:

Magic Hour follows Airius Green, a vindictive witch who begins an infernal quest for revenge, after the abrupt death of his mate and vows to get even with those that contributed in the downfall of his life. Airius slowly begins to learn his uncontrollable desire for payback is the least of his worries, when Skinwalkers – enemies of witches begin to surface.

As the feud between the two rivals grow, both the witches and skinwalkers are equally blind to the one true threat emerging from within the darkness. An enemy whose forces far outnumber their own.

The Red Throne Society slowly rises…

Daybreak Book Two



I held him tighter, and wallowed in the warm and accelerating rhythm of our dancing lips. For the last few months, this kiss was the one I’d been waiting to give him; To finally let all pent-up thoughts and fears fade away, and revel in the idea, that I could give this to him. That our bodies could finally dance in the sea of love, and truly rock the boat.

Author Bio

Meco Brown is the author of the novels entitled DayBreak and Magic Hour. Born in September of 1988 to Michael and Vanessa Brown, Meco considers the uniqueness of his name to be a special gift from his father.

The son of a United States Air Force and Army medic turned music producer and a screenwriter, Brown grew up with a strong sense of adventure in Biloxi, Mississippi. After watching a poorly ended movie during his childhood he was motivated to write something better. At the age of nine, this is where his passion for reading and writing began. 

Fueled by the artistic endeavors of his parents, that love of creative writing drove Brown to attend Tulane University where he majored in Journalism, Creative Writing and Psychology. Brown combined his passion for writing and fascination with superheroes to pen his first novel DayBreak and the sequel Magic Hour.

Brown is currently brainstorming ideas for the third installment of his paranormal series and looks forward to continuing to entertain the world through his words.


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