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Announcement: Mail Order Husbands, by Abraham Steele

Mail Order HusbandsQSFer Abraham Steele has a new Paranormal book out:

Edmund Knox is an upstanding citizen, a devoted father, and the alpha of a large urban shifter pack. He came out of the closet when he got divorced, but his numerous responsibilities haven’t allowed him to date in recent years. No, he isn’t lonely – or at least, he’d never admit to that kind of weakness.

When Edmund gets a little too controlling about his daughter’s love life, the rebellious teen realizes he might be less uptight if he had a love life of his own. Taking matters into her own hands, she writes to the Fated Date Agency pretending to be Edmund.

Normally, the agency lets shifters contact their matches over email. But Edmund Knox isn’t a normal shifter. For an alpha of his stature, the agency is going to take a more hands-on approach. By the time Edmund finds out what his daughter did, it’s too late to stop the agency from delivering his mate to his door.

The agency had to pull a few strings to get the troubled young omega out of prison and into Edmund’s arms, so they’re not going to let this relationship fail. Not even when Edmund finds out exactly what crime Lieber committed.

Will the strict older alpha be able to forgive the sins of the past? And will the hardened criminal who’s his mate even want to change his ways?

Mail Order Husbands is Book 3 of the Fated Date Agency series. It also stands alone as a complete 200-page gay shifter romance novel. Guaranteed HEA ending and no cliffhangers!


Another CO brought me the clothes I’d worn when I was taken here. I ran my fingers over the fabric, refamiliarizing myself with the feel of denim and soft cotton. My skin had gotten used to the rough prison jumpsuits I’d been wearing for almost a year. And the shoes – ones that actually fit, not like the cheap things my feet had suffered in all these months. I was going to enjoy putting these clothes back on.

Outside, the sun shone brightly. I held the clothes close to me, something to cling to as my world changed. This was the first time since I’d been put in jail that I’d been out without barbed wire surrounding me. There was nothing holding me back now, no walls pressing in on me. Soon I’d even let my wolf run free.

Praya pointed to a red pick-up truck. “We’ve got a ways to go,” she said. “Get comfortable.”

I stepped in and sat down, my back rigid against the seat. Squeezing my clothes between my calloused fingers didn’t put me any more at ease.

“That includes buckling your seat belt,” she said, putting on sunglasses.

I did as she said. There was no reason to antagonize the person who had just gotten me out of jail. “We don’t have that far to go,” I said. “I live in Scottam. It’s only an hour away.”

“We’re not going to Scottam,” she said, pulling out of the parking space. “We’re going to Poulsberg.”

An hour in the other direction. “Why would you take me there?”

“The reason you’re on probation lives there.”

She spoke so casually, as if I should have known what she was talking about. In actuality, I didn’t understand a word. “You’re going to have to explain,” I said. “Start from the beginning. Who are you, exactly, and why am I being released?”

“My name is Praya.”

“And you’re what? A probation officer?”

The corners of her mouth lifted upwards. “No,” she said. “A matchmaker.”

My grip on the clothes loosened, and I turned to stare at her.

“I’m from the Fated Date Agency,” Praya said. “We had to pull a lot of strings to get you here. So please, don’t screw this up.”

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Abraham Steele writes smoking hot stories about gay men, whether human or shifters. Subscribe at to hear about new releases!


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  1. I have signed up for the newsletter and received the email giving me the links to receive the 3 free books (The Pack’s New Omega, The Omega’s Secret Baby, and Owning the Omega)—-I have however had issues with my computer and I have lost that email with the links. Is there someway I can contact Abraham about this please? I can’t seem to find anyway to contact the author.
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