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Announcement: Masquerade, by Bran Lindy Ayres

MasqueradeQSFer Bran Lindy Ayres has a new fantasy book out:

Plots and intrigue are Marchioness Genevieve Merlot’s specialty, and opulent balls teeming with bored aristocrats are the perfect opportunity to uncover the secrets behind idle gossip and courtly scheming.

However, things take a sinister turn when they overhear a plot to assassinate the Orandon Queen.

It will take all their skill and ingenuity not only to survive but to foil the assassins and return home.


Genevieve held her breath as footsteps walked past the sofa.

“Take a seat,” Desroches said.

“Does this mean you are willing to help our cause?”

Genevieve pressed herself to the back of the sofa as the second man sat. Looking up, she saw his arm and hand draped along the backrest. No rings, no distinctive cufflinks, nothing to identify him. She craned her head upward until she could just see the profile of his mask; it completely covered his face with only slits for eyes. There was no way to even guess who he was. If she could only place his voice.

“Yes. Though I have some conditions,” Desroches said.

“Of course. Name them.”

“I want access to the plans and schematics. If you will guarantee that I can give you my backing to remove Queen Rona.”

Genevieve covered her mask as a gasp threatened to escape her. She snatched up her fan from where it hung at her wrist, and flipped open the catch. She waited, lungs burning with a held breath. Discovery now meant death, theirs or hers.

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Author Bio

I write sci-fi/fantasy for MOGAI readers who enjoy excitement, intrigue and romance and want stories focused on characters like themselves.

As an avid reader and writer and a member of the MOGAI (Marginalized Orientations, Genders, Alignments and Intersex) community it’s my goal to bring the more marginalized orientations and gender identities into the public conscious. I write romance for those of us who are more interested in the emotional journey and who like to see healthy loving relationships grounded in mutual respect and trust. My characters are complex, flawed and true-to-life portrayals of the struggles of being different from society’s norms.

My hope is that by sharing these stories that readers will find characters and situations to relate to and see that love does indeed come in all shapes and sizes. Having your race, orientation and/or gender represented in books you love is incredibly important to a sense of self-worth and everyone deserves to be represented.

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