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Announcement: Maverick’s Seduction, by AJ Llewellyn

Maverick's SeductionAmber Quill author and QSFer AJ Llewellyn has a new fantasy/paranormal book out:

Some call it “love,” some call it “passion,” but when a soul is taken over, others call it “seduced”…

Paden Campbell wants nothing more than to enjoy his newfound togetherness with his love, the rainbow-walker, Track. The two men are growing closer, but their solitude is shattered when the mother of a young gay man seeks their help. Her son is missing. Closer investigation reveals that Sean Maverick, who traveled to Hawaii to visit his mom after a bad break up, is afraid of water. He loathes the sea, hates pineapples, and Hawaii.

So how come, when Paden and Track walk the rainbow to locate him, the messages they receive are that Maverick can be found in the sea? What are these conflicting messages, and can Paden and Track fight the forces of an ancient ocean deity to unlock the mystery? Paden will do everything he can, even enlisting his son’s powerful husband—the great kahuna, Kimo Wilder—to help in the battle for a soul seduced.

NOTE: This story was previously published with the ISBN: 978-1-55487-681-5. This reissued version of the story has been revised and reedited.


Down the hall, I tried to release the tension I felt, and the fear that something was very wrong, by taking a few deep breaths. Instead, I became more anxious. I walked into the bathroom, deciding to take a shower. I opened the black glass door to the amazing six-jet system my son had installed. Water came at me from so many directions, it was like being massaged by millions of tiny warm fingers. I switched the nozzle to cascade and felt much better with the warm water undulating down my front and back. My ribs hurt, and I flashed on the drowning dream. I shook my head, trying to release it from my mind. I squeezed body shampoo into my hands from the dispenser on the shower ledge and lathered up my legs and arms. Mmmm…lemon ginger. My favorite.

I switched the nozzle pressure to rain and closed my eyes, allowing the gentle rhythm of the water to buoy my spirits. I turned around, enjoying the soothing trickle over my back and ass. God, I was lonely. Track and I had fucked furiously the second we’d hit the sheets around midnight. He hadn’t stayed long. I fought the urge to be upset, but it wasn’t easy.

A blast of raucous music disturbed my attempts at a meditative state.

What the fuck? The children were sleeping! I turned off the shower taps.

“Hello?” I called out. “Are you crazy? It’s—”

I thrust open the shower curtain and gaped. When did we get a shower curtain?

A pre-teen kid I’d never seen in my life was standing in front of the bathroom mirror. He stared at himself, oblivious to me.

“Hello?” I said again.

He apparently couldn’t hear me, but then the music was very loud. It had a Latin pop vibe, and he swayed his hips, his towel wrapped around his waist. He ran his hand over his face as if deciding whether to shave. I couldn’t see a single hair on his face from where I stood. He picked up a can of shaving cream and squeezed some onto his fingers. I wondered if it was his first time, because it looked like he’d emptied the whole can onto his face.

I realized I was in a completely strange bathroom and I really didn’t know this kid. Holy crap, I’d walked the rainbow. I studied the kid for a moment. He picked up an electric razor and I flew into action.

“Don’t!” I said, smacking the thing out of his hand before it could touch his skin.

He screamed.

“Who the fuck are you?” he roared.

I grabbed a towel and put it around my waist.

“My name is Paden and one of your ancestors sent me…”

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Author Bio

A. J. Llewellyn lives in California, but dreams of living in Hawaii. Frequent trips to all the islands, bags of Kona coffee in his fridge and a healthy collection of Hawaiian records keep this writer refueled. A. J. loves male/male erotica, has a passion for all animals—especially the dog, the cat and the turtle. A. J. believes that love is a song best sung out loud.

To find out more about A. J., visit or you can email A. J. at [email protected].


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1 thought on “Announcement: Maverick’s Seduction, by AJ Llewellyn”

  1. I loved the original I can not wait to get my hands on the new one!! AJ’s Phantom Lover and Children Of the Rainbow Series (hell any of her Hawaiian Stories) are Fantastic and my go to reads when I am down in the dumps… Congrats on your new release AJ can’t wait to re read them!

    Mahalo and Aloha Au Ia ‘Oe



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