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ANNOUNCEMENT – Migration: Knowledge, by Walter H. Hopgood

QSFer Walter H. Hopgood has a new bi-gay action adventure/thriller out: “Migration: Knowledge.”

With the Earth and her new outpost connected through the Cludiant, Rhys and Jason have the ability to explore the universe. And for Rhys, it’s a chance to not just explore, but to learn all he can. As a scientist, he’s always considered learning at the top of his lifelong dreams. But what happens when their chance to explore and learn turns deadly?

And the threats to their project didn’t stop when Rhys and Jason left Earth for Terra. Even as the migration to their new homeworld becomes mundane, threats to the very project that bridges them to strange new worlds can strike when they least expect it.

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Rhys turned and found Jason’s bright, emerald-green eyes staring back at him, just as wide as his own. They stood transfixed, as if their shoes had grown roots and dug far deeper into the dirt than the spear that had just landed just between their feet. Rhys looked away for a second, focusing on the brightly colored pink fluff hanging off the spear’s end. It had been placed there no doubt to help its owner locate it when thrown into wounded prey in the thick greens of the jungle. He looked back at Jason’s pained expression; it was as if time had slowed down and they were treading molasses. The rich smell of dirt and grass hit his sinuses, the newly disturbed dirt and rocks that the spear had dug up spilling onto his boots. And while the smell of the mossy dirt might usually intrigue him, all he could do as he came out of his stupor was to open his mouth to scream. 

But Captain Franks’s bellow quickly overtook his voice. “Run!”

Author Bio

Walter Hopgood is a geek by trade, working in healthcare information technology by day and trying his hand at writing by night. He’s been writing for years, but only started publishing recently. He lives in rural Oregon with his husband, Patrick, and Ralphie, their Italian Mastiff puppy.


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