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ANNOUNCEMENT: Mr. Felcher’s Grand Emporium, by Eric Alan Westfall

Mr. Felcher's Grand Emporium

QSFer Eric Alan Westfall has a new MM Historical Fantasy book out:

It’s 1882 in Another England, where being a buggerer is still legal but in the reign of Her Most Stuffy and Moral Majesty, Victoria, being a friend of Edward’s (gay) is not the done thing. She disapproves. The Ton disapproves.

What are our hapless heroes—Reginald, Lord Smythe, and Harold, Lord Fotherby—to do? At twenty-nine, they’re spares with no duties to ensure continuation of the family name, and their wealth precludes jobs. The manly fun of Tonnish men—sports, drinking, gambling, partying—isn’t much fun. Neither is the wenching requirement, which is why they pretend to have mistresses.

Everything changes when Harry comes across a set of very *ahem!* photographs of men his manservant forgot to put away. Photographs acquired from Mr. Felcher’s Grand Emporium. (Think Victorian adult book store.)

During six visits to the Emporium, along the way to a quite wonderful HEA and learning to be all they can be as friends of Edward’s, Reggie and Harry will: view and participate in some private showings, acquire photographs of Bendy Ben, a masked black model, and wonder who he is, create new words, deal with a blackmailing older noble with the help of a valiant British mastiff, meet ‘arry the ‘orse, a cabby with large talents, and discover the marvels of reading rooms and glorious wall circles.

There’s also a touching tailor, a bit of Burns, some Shakespeare, Harry’s wet package, a marvelous mirror, humor, flowery language of the Victorian variety and…great sex.

The original version was published for free by the MM Romance Group. All royalties for this revised and edited edition will be donated to a local LGBT organization.


Author Bio

Eric does not do well with third person writing, as his own writing mostly attests. Nevertheless, he’s giving it a go again here. Eric is a Midwesterner, and older than dirt. Or as Lady Glenhaven might say, “He’s old enough to have sailed with Noah.” In the real world he writes for a living, with some who would claim what he writes is really fiction. He started reading at five with one of the Andrew Lang books (he thinks it was The Blue Fairy Book) and has been a science fiction/fantasy addict ever since. That’s why, with some exceptions, most of his writing has been and probably will be in those genres.

The exceptions are his Another England (alternate history) series:  The Rake, The Rogue and the Roué (Regency novel), Mr. Felcher’s Grand Emporium, or, The Adventures of a Pair of Spares in the Fine Art of Gentlemanly Portraiture (Victorian novel), Banging the Bishop Back (Regency short story paired with RRR), and the forthcoming no way out (Regency novel) and The Serpent Mark (Regency novel).

For one brief and shining moment (on March 5, 2017), Eric’s fantasy novella, Tattooed Wolf and Painted Dragon, was No. 10 in Amazon’s gay fantasy Kindle sales. And it has a really nice five-star review.

Other things in progress are some MM fairy tales: Of Princes False and True (from an Andrew Lang fairy tale); 3 Boars & A Wolf Walk Into A Bar (Eric is sure you can figure this one out), and The Truth About Them Damn Goats (of the gruff variety).

Eric also hopes to finally get A Rollerblade Day, a book of mostly gay and fantasy poetry, released, along with the fairy tales, in the first half of 2017.

Now all he has to do is find the time to write the incomplete stuff! (The real world can be a real pain!)


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  1. That’s what I call, queer literature (everything else is stupid, little … somethings )
    Eric Alan Westfall -whoever, you are- I bow, respectfully to your talent…


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