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Announcement: Murdersphere Mosaic & Blue Collar Immortal by Hank Cannon

Blue Collar Immortal - Hank CannonAlright, my first “Me Me Me Monday” post.

So, I began a project for Wattpad back in June that was supposed to be fanfiction and it quickly skewed off into a science fiction piece all its own. I titled it Murdersphere Mosaic because it took place in the “confines” of a nested matrioshka or Dyson sphere.

Murdersphere Mosaic has turned out to be the pre-alpha sequel to my sci fi novel, Blue Collar Immortal. It did not start that way, but once I got going, a lot of things fell into place, namely that despite starting with the intention to do fanfiction, I did not commit to actually “living” in the milieus of the Marvel or even DC Universe. They became set pieces at best, prop-culture references and points of familiarity for the protagonist.

Murdersphere Mosaic - Hank CannonStill, to be safe, I am re-writing Murdersphere Mosaic to remove the Marvel and DC references, tightening it into more of a science fiction action piece. But, since the pre-alpha is in the wild already via, I have decided that I want to push the rest of the story as well.

So, I am serializing Blue Collar Immortal on Wattpad, one chapter a week, starting Friday, September 19.

But if you want a different format, I have dropped the price of Blue Collar Immortal to $0.99 in the Kindle store.

Also, because they peripherally touch on Blue Collar Immortal and Murdersphere Mosaic, I have reduced the prices of Theocrat and Geistwolf to $0.99 as well. They all feature gay protagonists.

So, here are links to the free stuff and my Amazon page.


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