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Announcement: Mysteries of the Moon Men Deep Inside, by Madeira Desouza

mysteries-of-the-moon-men-deep-insideQSFer Madeira Desouza has a new sci fi book out:

Hundreds of years from today in an alternate future there is a ruthless agency that manipulates time. They make sure yesterday turns out the way the agency leaders want. A top-secret base inside the moon sends young gay men on time travel missions to Earth. These agents change the past by using sexual tactics to gain power and control over the behaviors and actions of men.

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Yesterday I was lost and I died. Today I am alive again. I accept the truth about foregone tomorrows and my resurrections from the dead.

I will not claim to be a believer in one religion over another. Yet, I have personally experienced being repeatedly brought back to life after my life ended. The truths that I have discovered about life, dying, and then coming back for more are worth your time here today.

You need to know that I have been coerced into writing this and that I know I will suffer if I am less than completely truthful. Until I have completed this material for the record, I will be a prisoner. I am far away from my birthplace in Arizona. I work off-world. Yes, that means not on my home planet, Earth.
The exact location is classified.

As I type these words, I am held captive deep inside a secure vault that would never be found by anyone even if they were to search for a hundred years. I affirm that my writing this record represents the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Some of what I remember from my life experiences has been taken from me—deleted or erased. Gone. Other memories of mine are absolutely clear and seemingly permanent—like that regional map.

Those who hold me captive and who attempt to alter or modify what I remember are only partially successful. For that I am grateful.

I remember being back in Arizona—on foot trudging through the desert under dark, threatening thunderclouds that do not diminish the hottest day I have ever felt in my entire life. Through a momentary break in the storm clouds I see the full moon.

I am wearing brown cowboy boots, faded blue jeans, and a white long-sleeve Western shirt. On my head I can feel that I am wearing a cowboy hat. I reach up and touch the hat just to make sure my perceptions are accurate. I can see my own cowboy shadow on the desert floor.

Sticking out of the landscape under the ominous skies is a mechanical structure apparently made mostly of wood. As I walk closer to the device, it looks to me as though it was created specifically to slow down the process of hanging a man by the neck so that he will experience extended agony before his death. men.

Hung from a thick brown rope wrapped around a wheel wench is a muscular, shirtless, and barefoot man with his arms unbound kicking desperately as his neck is being crushed in the noose. I see his high cheekbones and long dark brown hair that is tied behind his neck into a queue. I conclude that he is indigenous to this region.

Author Bio

Madeira Desouza lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a gay man who writes fiction and creates digital illustrations tailored to gay males and straight females. His controversial creative works span from 1996 to today. Mysteries of the Moon Men Deep Inside contains autobiographical depictions that were based on actual events in his life. He recently celebrated 20 years in a relationship with one man. His website is at


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