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Announcement: Omega’s Lie, by Abraham Steele

Omega's Lie, by Abraham SteeleQSFer Abraham Steele has a new paranormal book out:

Bryant didn’t know, okay? When the Fated Date Agency matched him with an alpha, he had no idea that it was Cade.

Of course, that excuse didn’t hold up for long. Soon the bookish young omega figured out who he was emailing. Bryant made the choice to keep it a secret from the best friend he’d always crushed on – and to let Cade believe he was talking to a woman.

The thing was, Cade was straight. No matter what the agency said about them being fated mates, it was never going to work between them. It would be best for them both if Bryant just stopped emailing him.

Unfortunately for Bryant, his sexy jock friend liked the idea of a girl fated just for him. And he wasn’t going to give up that easily.

Omega’s Lie is a steamy 60-page paranormal gay romance story and the first part of the Fated Dates trilogy.


“Have you thought about writing to that Fated Date Agency?” he asked. “I’ve heard so many people have found their mates through them.”

I grunted, not wanting to answer. I kept my eyes on the shower wall and the little bits of hair that were stuck there. Why did guys not clean up after themselves? This was gross.

“I know you don’t believe in fated mates,” Bryant chattered on. “It’s not like the old days, though. You don’t just smell your mate and know it. Now they have samples from just about everybody in the entire clan. They match them with science.”

Letting the suds run out of my hair, I still refused to look at Bryant. “I don’t know if my mate can be found within a couple thousand people. With my luck, it’s probably a girl from a whole other clan.”

In the old days, packs were small enough to live in a house together and clans were made up of a few packs. Now packs could have hundreds of members. Harrowton was a small town, so our pack only had about a hundred shifters. Our clan, which spanned the Pacific Northwest, had several thousand.

“You just have to trust that you have a fated mate,” Bryant said. “Or don’t trust, just try it. What’s the harm in writing to them? If they have a match for you, they’ll put you in touch. You can take it from there. If you don’t like the way your match writes, you don’t even have to meet them!”

“Oh, that would be great for my ego if my match wrote me and then didn’t want to meet me…” I turned off the water and began to towel off. The droplets of water were soaked up easily by the towel. Soon my leg and chest hair was damp rather than wet. I circled the fabric around my waist, covering myself.

Bryant’s disapproval was evident in his voice. “I don’t know why you’re so against this. You’ve tried meeting girls every other possible way. It’s as if you don’t really want a relationship.”

“I do want one!” I walked to the locker room door, and I knew my voice was barely audible when I finished my sentence. “I already wrote to that agency.”

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braham Steele writes smoking hot stories about gay men, whether human or shifters. Subscribe at to hear about new releases!

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