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ANNOUNCEMENT: Patchwork, by Elle E. ire

Patchwork - Elle E. Ire

QSFer Elle E. ire has a new FF sci fi/suspense out, book two in the Storm Fronts series: “Patchwork.”

Empath Kelly LaSalle means everything to cybernetic soldier Vick Corren—and Kelly deserves a partner who can love her in a romantic way.

For the first time since receiving her robotic enhancements and an AI that makes her faster and stronger than the average merc, Vick thinks she can be that person.

Vick wants Kelly for life, and she’ll do whatever it takes to be worthy. A holiday on a tropical planet seems the perfect time for Vick to demonstrate her commitment.

And she has big plans.

But the best intentions unravel when they’re pursued by a rival mercenary company that wants Vick’s technology—with or without her cooperation. A competitor for Kelly’s affection is determined to tear them apart, and a lover from Vick’s past has depraved plans of her own. Vick might not be able to save their lives without giving herself over to the machine she’s trying so hard to transcend.

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I AM pissed off.

Fuck, that hurts. I jerk my hand out and blow on singed fingers, then plunge it back into the mass of wires and circuitry.

“This has got to be your worst idea yet.”

I spare the minutest of glares for my teammate, Alex, before returning my attention to the open control panel in front of me. “Maybe if you weren’t hovering, I’d have this done by now.” In the distance, across Girard Moon Base’s central hub promenade, I detect gunfire, my enhanced hearing differentiating both the legal-to-carry-in-a-controlled-environment adjustable laser kind and the I’m-a-fucking-moron-getting-desperate projectile variety. A sound like hailstones on a tin roof confirms the existence of the latter. Idiots. If the bullets don’t pierce the walls and waste the base’s precious atmosphere, they’re just as likely to ricochet and hit an unintended target.

“Has it occurred to you that I don’t want you to be done?” His boots shuffle from side to side across the steel-gray tile flooring.

Yeah, it has crossed my mind.

The fight broke out—I consult my internal chronometer, bringing up the display behind my real-looking, very-manufactured brown eyes—all of fifteen minutes ago. Feels like an hour.

Author Bio

Elle E. Ire resides in Celebration, Florida, where she writes science fiction and urban fantasy novels featuring kickass women who fall in love with each other. She has won many local and national writing competitions, including the Royal Palm Literary Award, the Pyr and Dragons essay contest judged by the editors at Pyr Publishing, the Do It Write competition judged by a senior editor at Tor publishing, and she is a winner of the Backspace scholarship awarded by multiple literary agents. She and her spouse run several writing groups and attend and present at many local, state, and national writing conferences.

When she isn’t teaching writing to middle school students, Elle enjoys getting into her characters’ minds by taking shooting lessons, participating in interactive theatrical experiences, paying to be kidnapped “just for the fun and feel of it,” and attempting numerous escape rooms. Her first novel, Vicious Circle, was released by Torquere Press in November 2015, and will be rereleased in 2019 by Dreamspinner Publications along with her new novel, Threadbare, the first in the Storm Fronts series.

To learn what her tagline “Deadly Women, Dangerous Romance” is really all about, visit her website: She can also be found on Twitter at @ElleEIre and Facebook at

Elle is represented by Naomi Davis at BookEnds Literary Agency.



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