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ANNOUNCEMENT: Perilous Descent, by Jess Thomas

Perilous Descent

QSFer Jess Thomas has a new MM sci fi book out:

After the banishment of the Cold One known as Meara, she is brought back to Eiravia to be confronted one last time. Little does Darius and his family know of the evil and lethal final trick she plans to play. Only with the help of a few new family members and the love of his mate Finnal, will the clan of Darius pull through what may be an unbearable tribulation and permanent personal hell.

But the perfect storm is coming, and soon circumstances will seem to conspire against the Jewel of the universe and take him further down his perilous descent.

The Chronicles of Darius Book Eleven

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I found two charms close to each other, nestled against some flowers and grass on a hill. One was a little creature called a neffit, which looked like an earth snail, although Vega said they were very fast. The other Vega said was called a rendell that looked like a cross between a tiger and a wolven. It was probably carried for strength in battle. I looked down at the two charms they were so different. One was wanting to run away from the battles, and the other wanting to be the victor. Maybe their mother had given them to whoever owned them before they left for war. After a few seconds, the vision cleared and it saddened me with its clarity.

“I see why you collect these,” Vega said softly. “You care about the people that carried them, they are a piece of history, screaming to have a voice again like you.”

“I see them, not entirely but partially, Vega. Look,” I said, setting the charms down where we’d found them.

Author Bio

Jess Thomas was born in the mid-west and she has a natural love for nature and animals. A gentle creature born to loving parents who believed in seeing the world for all its beauty, she learned the imperfections in life were something to be treasured and seen as a learning experience. An artist from an early age, she went to art school where she got a degree in drawing and painting, photography, and in Art Education. In 2009 she laid down her paintbrush and she picked up writing and channeling her creative energy in a fresh direction. A new writer, she pours sensitivity and her love of the world she has created into her emotions and the characters who live there.


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