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ANNOUNCEMENT: Precipice of Discovery – Michael Czerweic

Precipice Of Discovery - Michael Czerweic

QSFer Michael Czerwiec-Feliciano has a new bi/gay sci fi book out: “Precipice of Discovery.”

Kyle Morgan is about to set out of the journey of a lifetime. He’s been chosen to live and work in the outer reaches of the Milky Way on a military base doing communications.

Then he hears an alien transmission planning on destroying his ship. His life starts moving in directions he could never imagine.

He is on the precipice of discovering who he really is and his place in this amazing universe.

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“I don’t think so. We have three months left until we step foot on the surface of Titan. I hate to tell you this before your big test; but this isn’t a meeting. This will decide what you get to be a part of on the surface.”

“Wait, what do you mean by that?” Kyle asked, his mind reeling.

“He will be testing your abilities. If you do well, then you will become a major part of what happens down on Titan. If you don’t do well, then they will reassign you to do something else.” Derek took his last bite of food.

Kyle stared blankly at Derek. He might be assigned to something else. What the hell was that supposed to mean? If he was assigned to do another duty, then it would probably jeopardize his assignment to Eris. If he couldn’t be the communications guy on Eris, then he would be staying on Titan doing god knows what.

“What do you mean reassigned?” Kyle squeaked out. His voice tended to go higher when he got nervous.

Derek looked at Kyle for a moment and then started laughing. “Come with me.” Derek said as he stood up and put his tray away.

Kyle followed Derek like a dutiful puppy. Derek walked out of the lunch area and went to his pod. He opened the door and let Kyle go in first. Kyle immediately started pacing Derek’s small pod. Derek went and sat down on his bed.

“Kyle, you have to relax.”

“Relax? I thought this was just a one on one meeting to see how everything was going.”

“It is. Major Mancini needs to make sure that you are getting everything. Why are you surprised that this is a test?”

“I guess I just wasn’t expecting that.” Kyle said unconvincingly.

“Kyle, you know better than that. Everything is a test. They need to make sure that you are getting all the information without your partner’s help. You and I both know that you are. You have nothing to be worried about, so relax.”

“How do you know I have nothing to worry about?”

“Because I know you, Kyle. Or at least I’ve gotten to know you. I know that you spend every waking minute working on your homework assignments. You’re always working on them before you come work out with me. Plus, you’ve been listening to those recordings of the Mars attack, so you’ll be ready to contact your friend, Bruno. So, quit worrying about this.”

Author Bio

Michael Czerwiec-Feliciano grew up in the small town of Monroe, IA and after stints on both the West coast (San Francisco & LA) and the East coast (Quincy, MA) currently resides in Waukee, IA with his amazing husband, Alfelino, whom he met on a blind date in California many years ago. Michael is enjoying being back in Iowa. Michael is currently putting the finishing touches on his third YA gay novel in his new “Precipice” series. Michael currently has five novels written and self-published. He hopes to one day crack a best seller’s list somewhere in the world.

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