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Announcement: Prodigal Son, by Tricia Owens

Prodigal SonQSFer Tricia Owens has a new sci fi book out:

Who will pay the price when Black and Calyx crawl back to the JCPD?

Though Black managed to defuse the escalating war for the time being, he has left himself, Calyx, and the rest of JC2 in a vulnerable position. Friendless on the streets, mistrusted by the police, Black knows that when his

enemies come he will have no defense against them…and that is not an option. To keep Calyx out of danger and to reposition himself where he needs to be when the Silent City recovers and gears up for war again, Black

decides to throw himself on the mercy of Captain Dickerson. But will the price he have to pay be too much? Or is there no limit to what Black is willing to do to keep the man he loves safe from harm?

Book 1 is free – this is a great series to read in order:

Book 9 of Juxtapose City


Tricia is giving away a copy of one of her backlist titles for this post.

Comment on this post with your email and FB page (if you have one) so we can track you down if you win. :)


“You think I need control again.”

“Or you want me to lose it,” Black stated, his voice thicker, invitation written in his low-lidded gaze.

Lust poured into Calyx’s veins.

Black let his arms fall to his sides, his wrists lying upturned on either side of his hips. He pressed his head to the seat rest and rolled it to the side so Calyx could see the flush that had crept over his cheeks. Black was a liar. His pupils were blown and the pulse beating at the base of his throat fluttered madly. Adrenaline, endorphins, whatever it was, he was drunk on it.

Hunger and anger flared in Calyx with equal intensity. He threw himself across the distance between them and yanked at Black’s belt and pants, ripping them open. Black let out a soft groan at the violence, his lashes fighting gravity.

“Let me hear it,” Calyx demanded as he shoved Black’s underwear beneath his swollen balls, pushing them and his cock up through the opened V of his pants. “Don’t fucking hold back a thing, Darkness.”

He took hold of Black, hot, hard, throbbing with urgency, and stroked him root to tip. Black surged up off the seat but Calyx pushed him back down with a growl. “Let me hear it,” he snarled again.

A gasp broke from between the prison of Black’s lips. Calyx wasn’t satisfied. He bit at Black’s jaw as he stroked him mercilessly, fingers too tight, pace too quick and ruthless. Black’s hands flew to his shoulders and gripped, but he didn’t push Calyx away.

“Fuck,” Black finally gasped. He clenched his eyes tightly shut. “Fuck.”

Calyx worked him hard and fast, his eyes eating up every twitch of Black’s face, his ears swallowing every whimper and moan the other man made.

“Mr. Cool. Mr. Apathy. Fuck that, Darkness, do you hear me? You’re going to fall apart for me.”

“Yes,” Black moaned before he turned his face away from Calyx.

“No. I want you wide open and vulnerable. Just like I was.” He grabbed Black firmly by the chin and forced him to face Calyx. Brown eyes fixed on him, glazed and desperate. Calyx scraped his fingernails up Black’s cock. He watched Black’s eyes widen as he shuddered and tried to twist away.

Calyx licked a stripe up his cheek. “Not so tough now, are you, sweetheart?”

“Tough… enough,” Black gasped defiantly.

Calyx knew a plea when he heard one.

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Author Bio

Tricia Owens is the author of the Sin City and A Pirate’s Life for me series, both of which are m/m romances. Juxtapose City is her sci-fi series set in a futuristic world full of empaths, telepaths, and telekinetics.



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