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ANNOUNCEMENT: Professor Tempus and the Trouble with Time Travel – P.J. Greystoke

QSFer P.J. Greystoke has a new diverse sci fi time travel book out: “Professor Tempus And The Trouble With Time Travel.”

The Future – an amazing land where humans and animals have enhanced abilities, where the elements plan their activities around the convenience of others and where Professor Rebecca Tempus is stranded, fighting for her life and battling the will of perhaps the most evil being that history had ever created. She only wanted to find her father.What she does find will change her life forever.

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Author Bio

My father wrote a story when I was around seven years old about a statue and how a child had willingly imprisoned herself inside it to save the life of another. 

Most of the story has been lost over time but i can still remember the description of a single teardrop that left the statues stone eye as her family walked away. 

Though I didn’t realise it at the time, it was then, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to take people on emotional journeys and invite them to share in the special worlds that i might create.

There were many false starts along the way – with me training as a professional musician and songwriter, then as an actor and also a director whilst pursuing a career as a teacher. 

It was only when i finally settled upon writing as a career that i was able to look back and realise that every position i’d undertaken had a specific aim and that was to help and guide people through an emotional journey, one in which they would feel somehow enriched as though they had experienced something new about themselves.

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1 thought on “ANNOUNCEMENT: Professor Tempus and the Trouble with Time Travel – P.J. Greystoke”

  1. as cool as this sounds, it’s really hard to take this seriously as a professionally published book when the cover uses a stolen and inverted image of Lightning from Final Fantasy


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